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Dying World - Lyrics by Darkside

there is black silent marching in the woodseems to be sheer minutes of destructionwhy do you stand stilldecay house of your fatherwhy do raise upled blackness to your lipsyou watch a hunter gut his trophy in the woodhis hands damp of blood and sweat in the mistyou the shivering animalyou the slaughtering priestyour lids drunken with incensesee the stars saturn redfrom dephts voices of the leper dwellin blood shades of deer lament above himpain cries from the vaultweep blossom in bloodtorture kill the beastleave shadows of griefther?s black, silent marching in the forestmute destruction in silent graves dwellred, longgone eveningthrough a wall of stoneyour laughter in the darksee the stars saturn redred