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Dark House - Lyrics by Spirit Of The West

The lighthouse winks across the waterblue white streamers a beacon of lightstanding empty, whitewashed towerwhere progress and man pass like shipsin the nightwe're watching the right handnot watching the left handsonn we'll be watching the world turnwith no hands at allwe're really amazingthis trail we are blazingburning the bridge between our riseand fall....weathered old man, tending the flamelit a big fire for the child in mesalty  dog in a shoreline castlebeing replaced by a chip in the sea- chorus -we used to dig! lift! heave!now we has  turned to itprograms! computes!but hardly understands.a wave of progress is risingand risingrising over this figure of ourhistorywashing away  years of traditiona life and love buried at seaset adrift among the neon and fast foodcountless forms and manpower cuesa castaway on a push button planetwhere progress is measured my howmuch you lose- chorus -