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Cry Of The Ravens Under The Northern Sky - Lyrics by Raleytar

High mountains against a black sky
Deep valley, a delight for the eye
Beauty a trap is, so beware
A dark majestic shadow rises over the world
There are icy leafs when I look forward
Lifeless they fall apart
How look the leafless trees what have I done
The cementary of the sun
A gloomy grave, a foreseen death
As I stand here my heart is black
This is a symbol for my pain
Drowned in a flood of autumn rain
Somewhere in black clouds the life astray
Where light and goodness fade away
When the candle shines black
So an excape is my death
To expire when I look to the sky
And I see the overwhelming black night
To live and die for the nightly sky
I want to expire in this night
I only think about my death
The way of dying I am depressed
I want to die
When looking to the northern sky...