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Cold City Lights - Lyrics by Royal Hunt

In the heat of night neon lights are so bright
I don't know where the hell they are leading me
So I walk like I'm blind, feel I'm loosing my mind
Are you sure it is how it's supposed to be?
No, but it seems to me I'm fallingdown to the same old ground again
Cold City Lights all over you
Cold City is playing games with you
Cold City Lights make sure that nothing is what it seems
Cold City Lights you've got to know
Cold City I'll never let you go
Cold City Lights all over land of the broken dreams
Everybody looks down, what is wrong with this town?
Every piece of it's caught in a web of fear
In the middle of the crowd you can scream, you can shout
I'm afraid there's noone that'll ever hear youand it seems to me you're fallingdown to the same old ground again
Voices inside my head playing games and it sounds like a war
I'd pretend to be dead, no, no more