Coalminers - Lyrics by Uncle Tupelo

come, all you coalminerswherever you may beand listen to the storythat I relate to theemy name is nothing extrabut the truth to you I tell
I am a coalminerand I'm sure I wish you well
I was born in old Kentuckyin a coal camp, born and bred
I know about old beansbulldog gravy and cornbread
I know how the miners work and slavein the coalmines every dayfor a dollar in the company storefor that is all they paymining is the most dangerous workin our land todayplenty of dirty, slaving workfor very little paycoalminers, won't you wake upand open your eyes and seewhat this dirty capitalist systemhas done to you and medear miners, they will slave youuntil you can't work no moreand what will you get for your laborbut a dollar in the company storea tumbledown shack to live insnow and rain pouring through the topand you have to pay the company rentand your payments will never stopthey take our very lifebloodthey take our children's livestake fathers away from childrentake husbands away from wivescoalminers, won't you organizewherever you may beand make this a land of freedomfor workers, like you and me
I am a coalminerand I'm sure I wish you welllet's sink this capitalist systemto the darkest pits of hell