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Boom Boom Satellite - Lyrics by Sigue Sigue Sputnik

Star wars, star whores, sex stars
It's astro a go go
Bike boy, pocket boy
Interstellar superjet
Boom boom this is what you get
Going high crazy
A mile high crazy
You're big 'n' you're bad
Oh you're beautiful
Year you're big 'n' you're bad
Oh you you're beautiful
Year you're beautiful
Sky rape, moon rake
Mm bigger gets better
Satellite satellite satellite
Satellite satellite satellite
Into the endless night
Sci-fi, why? why?
You're the future looking vision
High rise, atom eyes
You love boys and I love your eyes
Imagine no wars
No bombs, no stars
No films, no sex
No drugs, no bars
So stop! Look! And listen!
What a bore
Love walk- Find a place in your heart now
Love walk, love talk- Love sensor sends a song to my heart
Love bot, go-bot
Baby it's a wind up!
Chorus x 2