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Behind The Walls Of Imagination - Lyrics by Eloy

a garden wild, yet warm and delightfula paradise of comforting peacesound and clear, a gentle touching atmospherean open air, serene and refreshingand nature pure, as it was createdsound and clear, a gentle touching atmospheresedative ringing sounds surprise the sole intruding manhe, who's used to the sound of liesand often changing standsthe sacrifice of brother's hand, deceit with dubious plansa world that has gone to extremes and has failedpeople surround me, peacefully, I can tell
I see in wonder, how our links and bonds fit welltheir voices sing colourful and truean honesty I have never usedambiguity never does appearand barriers of speech are not feareda power strikes me, so positive and realit hits like lightning, this influence I feelharmonious singingcelestial bells I hearfrom all those people I have nothing to fear