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Battle In The Ancient North - Lyrics by Messiah

One thousand years ago
The christians were marching up north
To christanize the pagans
To kill those who refused christ
The headman of one village
Was a great man named njal
He had sworn an oath to the
Mightiest of his gods
Odin was thy name
On sleipner he rode
But the crusade was coming nearer
And the people, they ran in fear
Because oo many brave men was fallen
For the christians were far too many
And one day in the village
Men came with drawn swords
The commander of the crusade:"
Do you accept white-christ?
Do not refuse, we'll burn your village!
We will kill your sons
We will rape your women!
So... do you accept the bapizing,
In the name of my god, and his holy
Son, white-christ?"
Who is this white-christ?
In the name of odin:I will challenge him!"
The commander of the crusade:"
Then die fool..."
So pull your swords my men!
For odin and thor we will gain!
We will fight to the last breath!
For odin we'll stab you to death!"
Swords crossed, the blood were floweing
As the battle raged
The pagan men were fighting will
But they were far roo few
The crusaders were bathing in blood
For white-christ they killed, raped and burned
And on the ground lied njal
His guts and blood were wide spread
The village lies now in ruins
But he prefered this before submission
Another day, another time
The ancient gods of the north
Will seek revenge against christ
And those thousand slained shall be avenged...