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As Far As Lonely Goes - Lyrics by Michelle Wright

Underneath the neon signof Harry's Bar and Grill
Someone hugs a bottleto take away the chill.
Ohbut the wind still blowscarries his sleeping soulas far as lonely goes.
Upstairs in a penthousebehind a golden doorsomeone's drinking pink champagneto keep from being board.
Between the highs and lowsthe icy wind still blowsas far as lonely goes.
You would never buy a bottleto wash away your troubles.
If you could buy a suitcase for your soul.
You would make a pretty packageof all your exrta baggage.
Look it up and send it down the road
As far as lonely goes.from the has-bents to the havesfrom the mansions to the alleysfrom the riches to the ragsunderneath our clothes.
We're all the sameyou knowas far as lonely goes.I would never buy a bottleto wash away my troubles...