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Angry Neurotic Catholics - Lyrics by Carnivore

I'm suffering from depressionthe anger turned withinwhat do I gain for all my painperhaps a seat in heaven?
Don't do what you wantdo what you're taught is rightyour life is built on paranoia and guiltdon't forget your valium tonight
The agony I must enduremy mind is painful and swellsthe punishment for what I've doneis forever the pains of hellhow come what is naturalhas to be a sin?why would God give me this urgeif I cannot give in?they say don't give upthat Jesus loves me
I went down into my basementconfused and depressedput Black Sabbath onrazor blade in handa Wilkinson I thinkten slashes on each armmy only wrongdoingwas being born humanand following my instincts
I never was happy
I never was saneso I shall be extinctthe growing pool of crimsonat last I am purewitness my sanguineous penance
I don't need anyonemy soul's been set freedeath is total independencestand up straightstomach inshoulders backsound off
Angry Neurotic Catholics
It's a sin
Angry Neurotic Catholics
It's a sin