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Angel - Lyrics by New Kids On The Block

Angel, baby you make my dreams come true
Angel, spend my whole life pleasing you
Angel, baby you are the one for me
Angel, come and set my lovin' free
Baby, you are the best thing in my life
You know you're sweeter than sugar and spice
Baby, you are for me, you know, a dream come true
I want to spend my whole life loving only you
There are so many things that we can do
Just give me a chance to (move it all to) you
Every day, girl, when I come home from school
I can hardly wait to talk to you
Nobody can ever take your love from me
I really love you girl and that's the way it's got to be
There are so many places we can go
Let's see a movie at the picture show
Spoken: yo! is everybody here? Yeah!
Jon? I'm here!
Donnie and danny? We're here!
Jordan and joe? I'm here.... and I'm here!
Since everybody's here, let's tell ôem what angel means!
Word up!A!! it means I'm always gonna love you
N!! I'm never gonna leave you
G!! it's for your good, good lovin'E!! it's for your everlasting love
L is ôcause I love you, really, really love you
Repeat chorus and fade