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Angel - Lyrics by Ellis Paul


Needle in my hand
Got a forearm rubber band
Got a golden liquid in a tube
I'm gonna do a vessel jam

Got lots of money
Got lots and lots and lots of time
I think, i think i might be
I think, i think i am
I think, i think i might be
I think, i think i am

It's like liquid sunshine, fire and rain marmalade skies, far away eyes
Glazed in a haze of cocaine
Angel's on the corner, he's got ten vials in his hands he sells each one for ten dollars,
Like some medicine man seems to know a lot for a kid just sixteen years old he's a four year veteran of the penal code
He's got trademark shoes, three tattoos
A brass chord necklace and a smoke-stack too he's got...


There's a black wind spinning the cities weathervanes and the eye of the storm is a crystal of cocaine
Can't you hear the wind?
Can't you see the driving rain
Take a break from the storm in the eye of the hurricane...


Eyes in the mirror, not too sure if they're my own
Black-white eyes in the mirror on a face of cold stone
Black-white eyes, riddles and lies
They tell me, tell me, tell me you've got nothing to hide but...