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1-2-3-4 Fire - Lyrics by Penny Mclean

1-2-3-4 fire my heart is burningburning
Ooh - oohyearningyearning ooh ooh
I feel it burningburning ooh - oohyearningyearning
Burningburning oohooh yearningyearning ooh ooh
My heart is burning like a fire (firefirefire . . .)
Didn't they tell you boy long ago don't play around with the fire
The way you look at me don't you know
Is driving my temperature higher
I keep on trying to play itjust like a game but there's no denying
I feel the desire 1-2-3-4 fire
My heart is burningburning ooh - ooh
Yearningyearning ooh ooh. . .
Haven't you felt itboy when we met
It was like thunder and lightning
When the dynomite's blowing up and
You can't escapeit is frightning
The flames are rising I'm fallingfalling in love
I'm realizing it's more than desire1-2-3-4 . . . fire
My heart is burningburning ooh - ooh. . .