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(Here Comes) The Monster - Lyrics by Stuck Mojo

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Something wicked your way comes fromwhat I hear can I smell fear in the atmosphere of
Music. Tell me what the hell for 'cause we rockhardcore giving you much, much more then youbargained for. Now your locking the door? Im onthe prowl we're on the hunt for the weak we're out toseek! (
Pre Chorus) Suckers keep running. The sameold excuse, the verbal abuse, the riffs misuseso you have no use for the Mojo crew!!!! And it'll get you!(
Here Comes the monster! Chitter, Chatter it doesn't matter yaget crushed to dust like anti matter.
Time to release the beast from the southeast powerand finesse our style is rather unique. Ill fools from Atlanta busting outlikedoctor Bruce Banner. I am green with envy I just want my shot in theindustry. Im on the prowl we're on the hunt for the weak we're out to seek.(
Chorus) (