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... Said Sadly Veruca Salt
...said Sadly Veruca Salt
...said sadly Smashing Pumpkins
25 Moral Crusade Napalm Death
40 Kinds Of Sadness Ryan Cabrera
A Koliko Si Ih Imala Do Sad Bijelo Dugme
A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit Burzum
A Moments Sadness Entwined
A Sad Silence Mighty Mighty Bosstones
A Sad Song Ten Years After
Aint It Sad Squeeze
Aint No Sad Song Diana Ross
And Thats Sad Nomeansno
Angel Of Sadness A-Camp
Another Sad Love Song Toni Braxton
Another Sad Love Song Babyface
Another Sad Song Various
Another Sad Song Bandits
Another Sad Surprise Reisa L. Gerber
Are You Sad Our Lady Peace
As I Sat Sadly By Her Side Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
At My Window Sad And Lonely Billy Bragg
Back In The Saddle Berg Matraca
Back in The Saddle Aerosmith
Back In The Saddle Matraca Berg
Bad Boys Sad Girls Tata Young
Bana Basadi Balalo Gainsbourg Serge
Blame It on a Sad Song Lynyrd Skynyrd
Blazing Saddles Yello
Bushlock Sadie Ten Hands
Buzzbomb From Pasadena Dead Kennedys
Childrens Crusade Sting
China De Sade My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
Clouds Of Sadness Bloodthorn
Conquitsadores Running Wild
Country Sad Ballad Man Blur
Crusade For The King Mortification
Crusade Of The Underworld Hordes Hades
Crusader Saxon
Crusader Chris De Burgh
Crusader Hollies
Crusader Mary Black
Crusader Of Hopelessness Refused
Dark Crusade Autopsy
Daughter Of Sad Sort Sol
De Sade Soliloquy My Dying Bride
Dead In The Saddle Dead Moon
Dear John (i Sent Your Saddle Home) John Prine
Death By Misadventure John Hiatt
December Sadness Project Pitchfork