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I Care 4 U Aaliyah
(youre So Square) Baby I Dont Care Joni Mitchell
(youre So Square) Baby I Dont Care Queen
(youre So Square) Baby I Dont Care Elvis Presley
- David Carradine and Uma Thurman Soundtracks
¿Quién Pintó Las Estrellas De Carmín Duncan Dhu
3 Card Project 86
7 Caralho Voador Faith No More
A Bridge (That Carries Us Over) Clannad
A Car That Sped Gene
A Careless Life Oyster Band
A Caress Of Stars Tiamat
A Christmas Carol Tom Lehrer
A Day In The Life(lennon/mccartney) Beatles
A Dream Of Scarlet Nights Siebenburgen
A Formiga No Carreiro Afonso Zeca
A Game Of Cards Frank Zappa
A Hard Days Night (lennon/mccartney) Beatles
A Kind Of Christmas Card Harket Morten
A La Carga Mi Rocanrol La Renga
A Man With A Good Car Gang Of Four
A Need To Care Von Ra
A New Career In A New Town David Bowie
A Postcard From Juan Brainpool
A Postcard Would Be Nice No Use For A Name
A Scarlet Witch Lit The Season Cradle of Filth
A Stolen Car Chalee Tennison
A Strangers Car Jones Rickie Lee
A Strangers Car Rickie Lee Jones
A Woman Dont Care B.B. King
Aaliyah- I Care 4 You Various Artists
Across The Universe (lennon/mccartney) Beatles
Afraid Not Scared Ryan Adams
After-war Scars Dischange
Age Of Loneliness (carlys Song) Enigma
All Ive Got To Do (lennon/mccartney) Beatles
All My Loving (lennon/mccartney) Beatles
All The Boys Love Carrie Waterboys
All The Boys Love Carrie Waterboys, The
All Together Now (lennon/mccartney) Beatles
All You Need Is Love (lennon/mccartney) Beatles
Always Crashing In The Same Car David Bowie
Am I The Only One Who Cares Reba Mcentire
An Elegy Of Icaros Emperor
An Incarnations Dream Atheist
And I Love Her (lennon/mccartney) Beatles
And Your Bird Can Sing (lennon/mccartney) Beatles
Another Girl (lennon/mccartney) Beatles
Another Postcard (Chimps) Barenaked Ladies
Antonio Carlos Jobim Heatmiser