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GENDER is the distinction of sex. Nouns have three genders, the masculine, the feminine, and the neuter.
The masculine gender denotes males; as, a man, a boy.
The feminine gender denotes females; as, a woman, a girl.
The neuter gender denotes things without sex; as, a hat, a stick.

Neuter means neither: therefore neuter gender signifies neither gender; that is, neither masculine nor feminine. Hence, neuter gender means no gender. Strictly speaking, then, as there are but two sexes, nouns have but two genders; but for the sake of practical convenience, we apply to them three genders, by calling that a gender which is no gender. The English and the pure Persian, appear to be the only languages which observe, in the distinction of sex, the natural division of nouns.—The genders of nouns are so easily known, that a farther explanation of them is unnecessary, except what is given in the following

Book: Shattered Sighs