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Famous Smoulders Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Smoulders poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous smoulders poems. These examples illustrate what a famous smoulders poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Wilcox, Ella Wheeler
...that the King is cruel, 
That his reign is wicked, his law a sin, 
And every word they utter is fuel
To the flame that smoulders within.

And on nights like this, when my blood runs riot
With the fever of youth and its mad desires, 
When my brain in vain bids my heart be quiet, 
When my breast seems the centre of lava-fires, 
Oh, then is when most I miss you, 
And I swear by the stars and my soul and say
That I will have you, and hold you, and kiss you, 
Though the whole...Read More

by Masefield, John
...he cows home. 

A bright white star blinks, the pale moon rounds, but 
Still the red, lurid wreckage of the sunset 
Smoulders in smoky fire, and burns on 
The misty hill-tops. 

Ghostly it grows, and darker, the burning 
Fades into smoke, and now the gusty oaks are 
A silent army of phantoms thronging 
A land of shadows....Read More

by Ingelow, Jean
...hem, his father and his mother?
  For the ghost of their dead hope appeareth to them still.
While a lonely watch-fire smoulders, who its dying red would smother,
  That gives what little light there is to a darksome hill?"
I rose up, I made no moan, I did not cry nor falter,
  But slowly in the twilight I came to Cromer town.
What can wringing of the hands do that which is ordained to alter?
  He had climbed, had climbed the mountain, he would ne'er come down.
But, O ...Read More

by Whitman, Walt
...ooks and ladders, and
The crash and cut away of connecting wood-work, or through floors, if the fire smoulders

The crowd with their lit faces, watching—the glare and dense shadows; 
—The forger at his forge-furnace, and the user of iron after him, 
The maker of the axe large and small, and the welder and temperer, 
The chooser breathing his breath on the cold steel, and trying the edge with his thumb,
The one who clean-shapes the handle, and ...Read More

by Chesterton, G K
Halmer, hold up on knee!

"The lamps are dying in your homes,
The fruits upon your bough;
Even now your old thatch smoulders, Gurth,
Now is the judgment of the earth,
Now is the death-grip, now!"

For thunder of the captain,
Not less the Wessex line,
Leaned back and reeled a space to rear
As Elf charged with the Rhine maids' spear,
And roaring like the Rhine.

For the men were borne by the waving walls
Of woods and clouds that pass,
By dizzy plains and drifting sea,
...Read More

by Graves, Robert
...I can see 
Rooks above the cherry-tree, 
Sparrows in the violet bed, 
Bramble-bush and bumble-bee, 
And old red bracken smoulders still 
Among boulders on the hill, 
Far too bright to seem quite dead. 

But old Death, who can’t forget, 
Waits his time and watches yet, 
Waits and watches by the door. 
Look, he’s got a great new net, 
And when my fighting starts afresh 
Stouter cord and smaller mesh 
Won’t be cheated as before. 

Nor can kindliness of Spring, 
Flowe...Read More

by Scott, Sir Walter
...en at Beltane game
     Thou least the dance with Malcolm Graeme;
     Still, though thy sire the peace renewed
     Smoulders in Roderick's breast the feud:
     Beware!—But hark! what sounds are these?
     My dull ears catch no faltering breeze
     No weeping birch nor aspens wake,
     Nor breath is dimpling in the lake;
     Still is the canna's hoary beard,
     Yet, by my minstrel faith, I heard—
     And hark again! some pipe of war
     Sends the hold pib...Read More

by Tennyson, Alfred Lord
...rian asked, 
'How grew this feud betwixt the right and left.' 
'O long ago,' she said, 'betwixt these two 
Division smoulders hidden; 'tis my mother, 
Too jealous, often fretful as the wind 
Pent in a crevice: much I bear with her: 
I never knew my father, but she says 
(God help her) she was wedded to a fool; 
And still she railed against the state of things. 
She had the care of Lady Ida's youth, 
And from the Queen's decease she brought her up. 
But when your s...Read More

by Confucius,
...charmeth all beholders,
'Tis she hath given me this jewel,
    The jade of my delight;
But this red jewel-jade that smoulders,
To my desire doth add more fuel,
    New charms to-night.

She has gathered with her lily fingers
 A lily fair and rare to see.
Oh! sweeter still the fragrance lingers
 From the warm hand that gave it me....Read More

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