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Harold Pinter Short Poems

Famous Short Harold Pinter Poems. Short poetry by famous poet Harold Pinter. A collection of the all-time best Harold Pinter short poems

by Harold Pinter
 I send my voice into your mouth
You return the compliment

I am the Count of Cannizzaro
You are Her Royal Highness the Princess Augusta

I am the thaumaturgic chain
You hold the opera glass and cards

You become extemporaneous song
I am your tutor

You are my invisible seed
I am Timour the Tartar

You are my curious trick
I your enchanted caddy

I am your confounding doll
You my confounded dummy.

by Harold Pinter
 I saw Len Hutton in his prime

Another time

 another time

by Harold Pinter
 Don't look.
The world's about to break.
Don't look.
The world's about to chuck out all its light and stuff us in the chokepit of its dark, That black and fat suffocated place Where we will kill or die or dance or weep Or scream of whine or squeak like mice To renegotiate our starting price.

by Harold Pinter
 No, you're wrong.
Everyone is as beautiful as they can possibly be Particularly at lunch in a laughing restaurant Everyone is as beautiful as they can possibly be And they are moved by their own beauty And they shed tears for it in the back of the taxi home