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Dejan Stojanovic Short Poems

Famous Short Dejan Stojanovic Poems. Short poetry by famous poet Dejan Stojanovic. A collection of the all-time best Dejan Stojanovic short poems

by Dejan Stojanovic
I love the new sounds of love; 
Only the new cures an old love.
Watching the love making of waves and the shore I desire to be the wave of love.
There is no real hate in quarrels, Only stupidity and lack of love.
The Sun shone upon me And I shone upon the world with love.
I fly through memory To find a newborn love.
Sing to me sea, sing to me sky And the hiding world sprang out from love.

by Dejan Stojanovic
There is a moonlight note
In the Moonlight Sonata; 
There is a thunder note
In an angry sky.
Sound unbound by nature Becomes bounded by art.
There is no competition of sounds Between a nightingale and a violin.
Nature rewards and punishes By offering unpredictable ways; Art is apotheosis; Often, the complaint of beauty.
Nature is an outcry, Unpolished truth; The art—a euphemism— Tamed wilderness.

by Dejan Stojanovic
Entering a cell, penetrating deep 
As a flying saucer 
To find a new galaxy 
Would be an honorable task 
For a new scientist interested 
More in the inner state of the soul 
Than in outer space.

by Dejan Stojanovic
Lie on the ground and listen to the grass, 
Hear the silent signals from outer space, 
Dream by making and make by dreaming, 
Feel what the trees bathed in sunlight feel, 
Gaze far to see the sea-gull emerging from the sea, 
Imagine that today is the birth of the world and greet it, 
Greet the old bird.

by Dejan Stojanovic
Trying too hard to be too good, 
Even when trying to be bad, 
Is too good for the bad 
Too bad for the good.
Perfection seems sterile; It is final, no mystery in it; It's a product of an assembly line.
To accomplish the perfect perfection, A little imperfection helps.

by Dejan Stojanovic
My feelings are too loud for words 
And too shy for the world.
Read the light and have a dream In your hidden garden.
No need for words.
The words are but shadows Of stories never said, Shining from distant kingdoms, Reminding you of a forgotten home.
Light rays will tell you the story.
There is another alphabet Whispering from every leaf, Singing from every river, Shimmering from every sky.

Faith  Create an image from this poem
by Dejan Stojanovic
Dust to dust, 
Ashes to ashes.
Is that all?

by Dejan Stojanovic
There can be no forced inspiration, 
But there can be mergers with the world

There can be a flowing of feelings
Quiet, yet overwhelming

Flying outside to unite
Flying inside to find

The melody of the moment
When the yellow corona appears on the horizon

And blue light appears over the mountain
And the world becomes mellow

Hospitable and generous, 
And you fly into the heart of the mountain

To find an egg of an unborn bird
Able to break out and fly as a newborn eagle 

by Dejan Stojanovic
Tell me something less significant, 
Something about our biology, for instance, 
About what you hear while sitting under the tree, 
About lonely lions in the prairies; 
Forget decorated generals; 
Tell me about Private Ryan, 
Tell me something only you know
And make a new friend.

by Dejan Stojanovic
If we had true insight 
We would be scared to death, 
We would not be able to see anything, 
We would see everything and see nothing.
Senses empower limitations, Senses expand vision within borders, Senses promote understanding through pleasure.
Without pleasure there is no sight or measure.
Total knowledge is annihilation Of the desire to see, to touch, to feel The world sensed only through senses And immune to the knowledge without feeling.

by Dejan Stojanovic
That star in the night sky 
Is not there anymore
But we see it and will see it
For millions of years yet to come.
Did the star die? Did it live? In life, we call this phenomenon A ghost, a hallucination.
(Is life a ghost too?) What if the star never lived? Or maybe its death dies While the star continues to live, Cheating death With its afterlife light.

by Dejan Stojanovic
I visited many places, 
Some of them quite 
Exotic and far away, 
But I always returned to myself.

by Dejan Stojanovic
Before the first before
And after the last after
There is night waiting; 

Almost nonexistent
Yet so constant, 
Night in the heart of light.

by Dejan Stojanovic
He tries to find the exit 
From himself 
But there is no door.
He walks Through the inner labyrinth To deceive his desire.
Perhaps there is an entrance At the end of the labyrinth But there is no end.

by Dejan Stojanovic
He placed a rose on the bed-stand 
While she was sleeping.
His wake-up message on the stand— Her smile on his face—awaken bliss.
Remembrance; Memory box opened; Anticipation; Future opened and saved.
Back and forth Through memory and experience, She recognizes this morning In her awakened spirit.
She recognizes the mist, The rose, the moist grass; She recognizes his enlightened face And goes into the new morning with a smile.

by Dejan Stojanovic
I feel the light inside and out 
Sun is a close keen 

The world glows, and so I glow 
The world is growing 

And I grow glowing 
Thinking so is so simple 

Not to think, but glisten 
Not to analyze, but feel 

The light inside and out 
And grow by glowing 

Death  Create an image from this poem
by Dejan Stojanovic
Death is not death.
If birth is a manifestation of life, Death is another.
So why bother with death? Why bother with death any more than with birth? Every thought about death Takes a moment of life away.

by Dejan Stojanovic
The sea was the house and the world was the nave 
You were the sea and you were the nave 

The nave was stormy, the sea was calm 
While the house was waiting for the world 

To come in by the navy of the sea 
The sea was a nave, the world was a house 

You were the nave in the sea— 
The house and the world 

The world was the navy in the sea 
And the sea was the house 

People  Create an image from this poem
by Dejan Stojanovic
Some people complain there are too many people on earth, 
Some people complain about secret societies, 
Some people accuse others of not being able to wake up early.
Almost all people complain about something.
No people get rid of themselves to solve problem No.
1, No people disclose their own agendas to solve problem No.
2, No people learn how to discipline themselves to solve problem No.
All people are enslaved by something.

by Dejan Stojanovic
Born from the natural attraction
Of vowels and consonants
Alliterating or merging into a fugue

Of sounds flowing 
From the fountain of language.
Meanings embodied In blasts of thunder, chirping, blowing; Sounds becoming meanings In, for, and of themselves; A huge dictionary of sounds Craving to be recognized and translated Either into language or into understanding.

by Dejan Stojanovic
How hard it is not to say too much, 
How hard to love more, 
To say simple things, 
Live like a river slowly eroding the stone, 
Watch from the shore the distant dot, 
Imagine places bathing in its light, 
To see, not colors, not shapes, not the sea 
But the simple life glistening 
And hovering like a bird 
Full of unpretentious dreams 
Satisfied only with the ability to fly.

by Dejan Stojanovic
Mountains and seas, 
You live in me 

Whether I climb 
To the top 

Of the mind 
Or dive deep 

To the bottom 
Of the heart

by Dejan Stojanovic
There is substance beyond substance, 
A mind beyond matter; 
It grows from itself, 
Follows its own path 
Fed only by the desire to live.
That's how matter is born, How the first poet sings the shamanic song, How he romances nothingness With the flower of the mind Springing out from its source.

by Dejan Stojanovic
Dream, flying out from the head
Becomes a bird flying over the sea; 

The Sun, sprouting from the sea
Makes the sea alive and blue; 

The flying dream that hovers in space
Becomes an island in the sea; 

The island—the dream emanating from the head, 
The bird, the air, the sea, and the light.

Echo  Create an image from this poem
by Dejan Stojanovic
When you hear the idea 
Lying between the sounds, between the letters, 
You find the meaning 

Of a sound silently flowing 
In the universe, waiting 
To be discovered in the obvious 

Universe smiling 
Or you find an omen 
In a hostile land of the unknown.
Dig deeper and harder, Grow in the opposite direction To see what is beneath That feeds the surface of sounds, To witness their making And hear their echoes on the way back home.