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Arna Bontemps Short Poems

Famous Short Arna Bontemps Poems. Short poetry by famous poet Arna Bontemps. A collection of the all-time best Arna Bontemps short poems

by Arna Bontemps
 We are not come to wage a strife
With swords upon this hill,
It is not wise to waste the life
Against a stubborn will.
Yet would we die as some have done.
Beating a way for the rising sun.

by Arna Bontemps
 God give the yellow man
an easy breeze at blossom time.
Grant his eager, slanting eyes to cover every land and dream of afterwhile.
Give blue-eyed men their swivel chairs to whirl in tall buildings.
Allow them many ships at sea, and on land, soldiers and policemen.
For black man, God, no need to bother more but only fill afresh his meed of laughter, his cup of tears.
God suffer little men the taste of soul's desire.

by Arna Bontemps
 Then the golden hour 
Will tick its last 
And the flame will go down in the flower.
A briefer length of moon Will mark the sea-line and the yellow dune.
Then we may think of this, yet There will be something forgotten And something we should forget.
It will be like all things we know: .
A stone will fail; a rose is sure to go.
It will be quiet then and we may stay Long at the picket gate But there will be less to say.

Book: Reflection on the Important Things