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Alan Seeger Short Poems

Famous Short Alan Seeger Poems. Short poetry by famous poet Alan Seeger. A collection of the all-time best Alan Seeger short poems

by Alan Seeger
 In Lyonesse was beauty enough, men say: 
Long Summer loaded the orchards to excess, 
And fertile lowlands lengthening far away, 
In Lyonesse.
Came a term to that land's old favoredness: Past the sea-walls, crumbled in thundering spray, Rolled the green waves, ravening, merciless.
Through bearded boughs immobile in cool decay, Where sea-bloom covers corroding palaces, The mermaid glides with a curious glance to-day, In Lyonesse.

by Alan Seeger
 Thy petals yet are closely curled, 
Rose of the world, 
Around their scented, golden core; 
Nor yet has Summer purpled o'er 
Thy tender clusters that begin 
To swell within 
The dewy vine-leaves' early screen 
Of sheltering green.
O hearts that are Love's helpless prey, While yet you may, Fly, ere the shaft is on the string! The fire that now is smouldering Shall be the conflagration soon Whose paths are strewn With torment of blanched lips and eyes That agonize.

by Alan Seeger
 The lad I was I longer now 
Nor am nor shall be evermore.
Spring's lovely blossoms from my brow Have shed their petals on the floor.
Thou, Love, hast been my lord, thy shrine Above all gods' best served by me.
Dear Love, could life again be mine How bettered should that service be!

by Alan Seeger
 Exiled afar from youth and happy love, 
If Death should ravish my fond spirit hence 
I have no doubt but, like a homing dove, 
It would return to its dear residence, 
And through a thousand stars find out the road 
Back into earthly flesh that was its loved abode.