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Famous Seductive Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Seductive poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous seductive poems. These examples illustrate what a famous seductive poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Kipling, Rudyard
...Hills, he flashed her counsel wise --
At e'en, the dying sunset bore her busband's homilies.

He warned her 'gainst seductive youths in scarlet clad and gold,
As much as 'gainst the blandishments paternal of the old;
But kept his gravest warnings for (hereby the ditty hangs)
That snowy-haired Lothario, Lieutenant-General Bangs.

'Twas General Bangs, with Aide and Staff, who tittupped on the way,
When they beheld a heliograph tempestuously at play.
They thought of ...Read More

by Crowley, Aleister
...El Arabi! El Arabi! Burn in thy brilliance, mine own!
O Beautiful! O Barbarous! Seductive as a serpent is
That poises head and hood, and makes his body tremble to the drone
Of tom-tom and of cymbal wooed by love's assassin sorceries!
El Arabi! El Arabi!
The moon is down; we are alone;
May not our mouths meet, madden, mix, melt in the starlight of a kiss?
El Arabi!

There by the palms, the desert's edge, I drew thee to my heart and held
...Read More

by McGonagall, William Topaz
And all round are hills beautiful in shape and nothing uncomely. 

The rocky knoll to the south is a most seductive place,
And in the hotel there visitors will find every solace;
And the flower-decked cottages are charming to see,
Also handsome villas suitable for visitors of high and low degree. 

Then there's St. Fillan's Hill, a prehistoric fort,
And visitors while there to it should resort;
And to the tourist the best approach is from the west,
Becau...Read More

by Sexton, Anne in the cabin
as in childbirth.
Now always leaving me in the West
is the wake,
a ragged bridal veil, unexplained,
seductive, always rushing down the stairs,
never detained, never enough.

The ship goes on
as though nothing else were happening.
Generation after generation,
I go her way.
She will run East, knot by knot, over an old bloodstream,
stripping it clear,
each hour ripping it, pounding, pounding,
forcing through as through a virgin.
Oh she is so q...Read More

by Wilcox, Ella Wheeler
Upon those spreading plains is there not room
For man and bison, that he seals its doom? 
What pleasure lies and what seductive charm
In slaying with no purpose but to harm? 
Alas, that man, unable to create, 
Should thirst forever to exterminate, 
And in destruction find his fiercest joy.
The gods alone create, gods only should destroy.

The flying hosts a straggling bull pursue; 
Unerring aim, the skillful Custer drew.
The wounded beast turns madly...Read More

by McKay, Claude the East turn, turn your eyes! 

Oh the night is sweet for sleeping, but the shining day's for working; 
Sons of the seductive night, for your children's children's sake, 
From the deep primeval forests where the crouching leopard's lurking, 
Lift your heavy-lidded eyes, Ethiopia! awake! 

In the East the clouds glow crimson with the new dawn that is breaking, 
And its golden glory fills the western skies. 
O my brothers and my sisters, wake! arise! 
For the new birth ...Read More

by Hikmet, Nazim
the present treatise
knows more than a little
about the fate
of the real Gioconda.
She fell in love
with a seductive
graceful youth:
a honey-tongued
almond-eyed Chinese
named SI-YA-U.
Gioconda ran off
after her lover;
Gioconda was burned 
in a Chinese city.

I, Nazim Hikmet,
on this matter,
thumbing my nose at friend and foe
five times a day,
I can prove it;
if I can't, 
I'll be ruined and banished
forever from the realm of poes...Read More

by Crowley, Aleister
...led from a laugh to a caress, 
And the God came warm upon us in our pagan allegresse. 
Was the Baile de la Bona too seductive? Did you feel 
Through the silence and the softness all the tension of the steel? 
For your hair was full of roses, and my flesh was full of thorns, 
And the midnight came upon us worth a million crazy morns. 
Ah! my Gipsy, my Gitana, my Saliya! were you fain 
For the dance to turn to earnest? - O the sunny land of Spain! 
My Gitana, my Saliya!...Read More

by Hardy, Thomas
...He was leaning by a face, 
He was looking into eyes, 
And he knew a trysting-place, 
And he heard seductive sighs; 
But the face, 
And the eyes, 
And the place, 
And the sighs, 
Were not, alas, the right ones--the ones meet for him-- 
Though fine and sweet the features, and the feelings all abrim.


She was looking at a form, 
She was listening for a tread, 
She could feel a waft of charm 
When a certain name was said; 
But the form, 
And the trea...Read More

by Rilke, Rainer Maria
...In the eyes dream. The brow as if it could feel
something far off. Around the lips a great
freshness-seductive though there is no smile.
Under the rows of ornamental braid
on the slim Imperial officer's uniform:
the saber's basket-hilt. Both hands stay
folded upon it going nowhere calm
and now almost invisible as if they 
were the first to grasp the distance and dissolve.
And all the rest so curtained with itself
so cloudy that I cannot ...Read More

by Dickinson, Emily
...Risk is the Hair that holds the Tun
Seductive in the Air --
That Tun is hollow -- but the Tun --
With Hundred Weights -- to spare --

Too ponderous to suspect the snare
Espies that fickle chair
And seats itself to be let go
By that perfidious Hair --

The "foolish Tun" the Critics say --
While that delusive Hair
Persuasive as Perdition,
Decoys its Traveller....Read More

by Storni, Alfonsina
...lready forgot. Good.
Sleep peacefully. Your face should
Be serene and beautiful at all hours.

When the seductive mouth enchants
It should be fresh, your speech pleasant;
For your office as lover it's not good
That many tears come from your face.

More glorious destinies reclaim you
That were brought, between the black wells
Of the dark circles beneath your eyes,
the seer in pain.

The bottom, summit of the beautiful victims!
The foolish spade of some ...Read More

by Nwakanma, Obi
..., her 
white nipple seizing the space

drained of all milk... 

A she-devil beckoning to worshippers 
seductive - her arm stretching outwards -
to this lonely pilgrim
lost in the mist: 

Behold the school of wild bucks 
Behold the meeting of incarnate 
spirits -
Behold the lost souls bearing tapers 
in rags of rich damask, 
Down Thomas - the saint of 
unbelievers - down the road to bliss 
Down to the red house, uncertain 
like a beggar's bowl han...Read More

by Rilke, Rainer Maria
so deeply was her every feature filled
with his young features, which bore his pain and were
more beautiful and seductive with each sound.

Then, suddenly, the image broke apart.
She stood, as though distracted, near the window
and felt the violent drum-beats of her heart.

His playing stopped. From outside, a fresh wind blew.
And strangely alien on the mirror-table
stood the black shako with its ivory skull....Read More

by Service, Robert William
...ittle claim in Paradise.

"Who's for a juicy two-step?" cries the master of the floor;
 The music throbs with soft, seductive beat.
There's glitter, gilt and gladness; there are pretty girls galore;
 There's a woolly man with moccasins on feet.
They know they've got him going; he is buying wine for all;
 They crowd around as buzzards at a feast,
Then when his poke is empty they boost him from the hall,
 And spurn him in the gutter like a beast.

He's the man f...Read More

by Petrarch, Francesco
...ave to female charms,Parted his homage to the god of armsAnd Love's seductive power: but, close and deep,Like files that climb'd the Capitolian steepIn years of yore, along the sacred wayA martial squadron came in long array.In ranges as they moved distinct and bright,On every burganet that met th...Read More

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