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Famous Economy Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Economy poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous economy poems. These examples illustrate what a famous economy poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Berry, Wendell goes against the time
When food is bought, not grown.
O come into the market
With cash, and come to rest
In this economy
Where all we need is money
To be well stuffed and free
By sufferance of our Lord,
The Chairman of the Board.
Because theres thus no need
To plant ones ground with seed.
Under the seasons sway,
Against the best advice,
In time of death and tears,
In slow snowfall of years,
Defiant and in hope,
We keep an older way
In light and breath to stay
T...Read More

by Dickinson, Emily
...All I may, if small,
Do it not display
Larger for the Totalness --
'Tis Economy

To bestow a World
And withhold a Star --
Utmost, is Munificence --
Less, tho' larger, poor....Read More

by de la Mare, Walter
...o try for more. 
Nor sister either had, nor brother: 
They seemed just tallied for each other. 
Their moral and economy 
Most perfectly they made agree: 
Each virtue kept its proper bound, 
Nor tresspass'd on the other's ground. 
Nor fame, nor censure they regarded: 
They neither punish'd nor rewarded. 
He cared not what the footmen did: 
Her maids she neither prais'd nor chid: 
So ev'ry servant took his course; 
And bad at first, they all grew worse. 
Slo...Read More

by Robinson, Edwin Arlington
...Asher to that place, 
Which I shall not investigate again 
Till I be taken there by other forces 
Than are innate in my economy. 
‘You may not like it,’ Asher said, ‘but Asher
Knows what is good. So put your faith in Asher, 
And come along with him. He’s an odd bird, 
Yet I could wish for the world’s decency 
There might be more of him. And so it was 
I found myself, at first incredulous,
Down there with Asher in the wilderness, 
Alive at last with a new liber...Read More

by Berryman, John
...tly, and I have no lesson.

Bodies are relishy, they say. Here's mine,
was. What ever happened to Political Economy,
leaving me here?
Is a rare—in my opinion—responsibility.
The military establishments perpetuate themselves forever.
Have a bite, for a sign....Read More

by Pastan, Linda
...alf imagined lovers off.
Yet legend won't explain the sheer sanity
of vision, the serious mischief
of language, the economy of pain....Read More

by Eliot, T S (Thomas Stearns) nothing untoward may chance to distrub
Deuteronomy's rest when he feels so disposed
Or when he's engaged in domestic economy:
And the Oldest Inhabitant croaks: "Well, of all . . .
Things. . . Can it be . . . really! . . . No!. . . Yes!. . .
Ho! hi!
Oh, my eye!
My sight's unreliable, but I can guess
That the cause of the trouble is Old Deuteronomy!"

Old Deuteronomy lies on the floor
Of the Fox and Fren...Read More

by Robinson, Edwin Arlington
Played on by powers that are invisible.
“You might go faster, if not quite so far,” 
He says, “if in your vexed economy 
There lived a faculty for saying yes 
And meaning no, and then for doing neither; 
But since Apollo sees it otherwise,
Your Dutchmen, who are swearing at you still 
For your pernicious filching of their florins, 
May likely curse you down their generation, 
Not having understood there was no malice 
Or grinning evil in a golden shadow
That shall out...Read More

by Stojanovic, Dejan
...saying less 
Is the secret of being simple. 

To not say all that can be said 
Is the secret of discipline and economy. 

To leave out beautiful sunsets 
Is the secret of good taste. 

To hide feelings when you are near crying 
Is the secret of dignity. 

To cut and tighten sentences 
Is the secret of mastery. 

To keep the air fresh among words 
Is the secret of verbal cleanliness. 

To write good poems 
Is the secret of brevity.Read More

by Dickinson, Emily gain
'Tis not conferred of Any
But possible to earn

A pittance at a time
Until to Her surprise
The Soul with strict economy
Subsist till Paradise....Read More

by Berry, Wendell
slowly earthward out of the air. I rest in peace
in you, when I arrive at last.


Our bond is no little economy based on the exchange
of my love and work for yours, so much for so much
of an expendable fund. We don't know what its limits are--
that puts us in the dark. We are more together
than we know, how else could we keep on discovering
we are more together than we thought?
You are the known way leading always to the unknown,
and you are the known ...Read More

by Dickinson, Emily
...The Days that we can spare
Are those a Function die
Or Friend or Nature -- stranded then
In our Economy

Our Estimates a Scheme --
Our Ultimates a Sham --
We let go all of Time without
Arithmetic of him --...Read More

by Robinson, Edwin Arlington
...ed, implacable foretaste 
Of other ages that are still to be 
Depleted and rewarded variously 
Because a few, by fate’s economy,
Shall seem to move the world the way it goes; 
No soft evangel of equality, 
Safe-cradled in a communal repose 
That huddles into death and may at last 
Be covered well with equatorial snows—
And all for what, the devil only knows— 
Will aggregate an inkling to confirm 
The credit of a sage or of a worm, 
Or tell us why one man in five 
Should have ...Read More

by Byron, George (Lord) household virtue, most uncommon, 
Of constancy to a bad, ugly woman. 


'God save the king!' It is a large economy 
In God to save the like; but if he will 
Be saving, all the better; for not one am I 
Of those who think damnation better still: 
I hardly know too if not quite alone am I 
In this small hope of bettering future ill 
By circumscribing, with some slight restriction, 
The eternity of hell's hot jurisdiction. 


I know this is unpopular; I kno...Read More

by Koch, Kenneth
...there a bridge there? Will I want company?
Tell me about the old people who built the bridge.
What is "the Japanese economy"?
Where did you hide the doctor's bills?
How much I admire you!
Can you help me to take this off?
May I help you to take that off?
Are you finished with this item?
Who is the car salesman?
The canopy we had made for the dog.
I need some endless embracing.
The ocean's not really very far.
Did you come west in this weather?
I've been sittin...Read More

by Thoreau, Henry David
...d in the rear, 
When all the fields around lay bound and hoar
Beneath a thick integument of snow.
So by God's cheap economy made rich
To go upon my winter's task again....Read More

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