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Famous Almighty Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Almighty poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous almighty poems. These examples illustrate what a famous almighty poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Brackenridge, Hugh Henry
...ce our happy earth, perhaps this land, 
Whose virgin bosom shall then receive, tho' late, 
Myriads of saints with their almighty king, 
To live and reign on earth a thousand years 
Thence call'd Millennium. Paradise a new 
Shall flourish, by no second Adam lost. 
No dang'rous tree or deathful fruit shall grow, 
No tempting serpent to allure the soul, 
From native innocence; a Canaan here 
Another Canaan shall excel the old 
And from fairer Pisgah's top be seen, 
No th...Read More

by Chaucer, Geoffrey
...AN A.B.C.
Here begins the song according to the order of the
letters of the alphabet 


ALMIGHTY and all-merciable* Queen,                         *all-merciful
To whom all this world fleeth for succour,
To have release of sin, of sorrow, of teen!*                 *affliction
Glorious Virgin! of all flowers flow'r,
To thee I flee, confounded in errour!
Help and relieve, almighty debonair,*                  *gracious, gentle
Have mercy of ...Read More

by Tennyson, Alfred Lord prone he dug
His fingers into the wet earth, and pray'd. 

`Too hard to bear! why did they take me hence?
O God Almighty, blessed Saviour, Thou
That didst uphold me on my lonely isle,
Uphold me, Father, in my loneliness
A little longer! aid me, give me strength
Not to tell her, never to let her know.
Help me no to break in upon her peace.
My children too! must I not speak to these?
They know me not. I should betray myself.
Never: not father's kiss for ...Read More

by Pope, Alexander
...rthquakes swallow, or when tempests sweep 
Towns to one grave, whole nations to the deep? 
"No ('tis reply'd) the first Almighty Cause 
Acts not by partial, but by gen'ral laws; 
Th' exceptions few; some change since all began, 
And what created perfect?" -- Why then Man? 
If the great end be human Happiness, 
Then Nature deviates; and can Man do less? 
As much that end a constant course requires 
Of show'rs and sun-shine, as of Man's desires; 
As much eternal springs and clo...Read More

by Bryant, William Cullen
...s melt into one mighty realm--
Thou, while his head is loftiest, and his heart
Blasphemes, imagining his own right hand
Almighty, sett'st upon him thy stern grasp,
And the strong links of that tremendous chain
That bound mankind are crumbled; thou dost break
Sceptre and crown, and beat his throne to dust.
Then the earth shouts with gladness, and her tribes
Gather within their ancient bounds again.
Else had the mighty of the olden time,
Nimrod, Sesostris, or the youth ...Read More

by Adams, Sarah Fuller Flower
...makest all things even 
In earth or heaven; 
Finding thy way through prison-bars 
Up to the stars; 
Or, true to the Almighty plan, 
That out of dust created man, 
Thou lookest in a grave,--to see 
Thine immortality! 
...Read More

by Robinson, Edwin Arlington Possibly, too, 
You might not—or that Quaker with his cane. 


Possibly, too, I should. When the Almighty
Rides a white horse, I fancy we shall know it. 


It was a man, Burr, that was in my mind; 
No god, or ghost, or demon—only a man: 
A man whose occupation is the need 
Of those who would not feel it if it bit them;
And one who shapes an age while he endures 
The pin pricks of inferiorities; 
A cautious man, because he is but one; 
A lon...Read More

by Milton, John
...Against the throne and monarchy of God, 
Raised impious war in Heaven and battle proud, 
With vain attempt. Him the Almighty Power 
Hurled headlong flaming from th' ethereal sky, 
With hideous ruin and combustion, down 
To bottomless perdition, there to dwell 
In adamantine chains and penal fire, 
Who durst defy th' Omnipotent to arms. 
 Nine times the space that measures day and night 
To mortal men, he, with his horrid crew, 
Lay vanquished, rolling in the fiery gul...Read More

by Milton, John force resistless way, 
Turning our tortures into horrid arms 
Against the Torturer; when, to meet the noise 
Of his almighty engine, he shall hear 
Infernal thunder, and, for lightning, see 
Black fire and horror shot with equal rage 
Among his Angels, and his throne itself 
Mixed with Tartarean sulphur and strange fire, 
His own invented torments. But perhaps 
The way seems difficult, and steep to scale 
With upright wing against a higher foe! 
Let such bethink them,...Read More

by Milton, John needed lute or harp 
To add more sweetness; and they thus began. 
These are thy glorious works, Parent of good, 
Almighty! Thine this universal frame, 
Thus wonderous fair; Thyself how wonderous then! 
Unspeakable, who sitst above these heavens 
To us invisible, or dimly seen 
In these thy lowest works; yet these declare 
Thy goodness beyond thought, and power divine. 
Speak, ye who best can tell, ye sons of light, 
Angels; for ye behold him, and with songs 
And ch...Read More

by Milton, John
...truction wide may range: 
To me shall be the glory sole among 
The infernal Powers, in one day to have marred 
What he, Almighty styled, six nights and days 
Continued making; and who knows how long 
Before had been contriving? though perhaps 
Not longer than since I, in one night, freed 
From servitude inglorious well nigh half 
The angelick name, and thinner left the throng 
Of his adorers: He, to be avenged, 
And to repair his numbers thus impaired, 
Whether such virtue sp...Read More

by Milton, John
...andchild both; 
High proof ye now have given to be the race 
Of Satan (for I glory in the name, 
Antagonist of Heaven's Almighty King,) 
Amply have merited of me, of all 
The infernal empire, that so near Heaven's door 
Triumphal with triumphal act have met, 
Mine, with this glorious work; and made one realm, 
Hell and this world, one realm, one continent 
Of easy thorough-fare. Therefore, while I 
Descend through darkness, on your road with ease, 
To my associate Powers,...Read More

by Milton, John, the sons of light 
Hasted, resorting to the summons high; 
And took their seats; till from his throne supreme 
The Almighty thus pronounced his sovran will. 
O Sons, like one of us Man is become 
To know both good and evil, since his taste 
Of that defended fruit; but let him boast 
His knowledge of good lost, and evil got; 
Happier! had it sufficed him to have known 
Good by itself, and evil not at all. 
He sorrows now, repents, and prays contrite, 
My motions i...Read More

by Chesterton, G K

"The thing on the blind side of the heart,
On the wrong side of the door,
The green plant groweth, menacing
Almighty lovers in the spring;
There is always a forgotten thing,
And love is not secure."

And all that sat by the fire were sad,
Save Ogier, who was stern,
And his eyes hardened, even to stones,
As he took the harp in turn;

Earl Ogier of the Stone and Sling
Was odd to ear and sight,
Old he was, but his locks were red,
And jests were all the words he s...Read More

by Browning, Robert
...s height and the breast's expanding,
And I was hers to live or to die.
As for finding what she wanted,
You know God Almighty granted
Such little signs should serve wild creatures
To tell one another all their desires,
So that each knows what his friend requires,
And does its bidding without teachers.
I preceded her; the crone
Followed silent and alone;
I spoke to her, but she merely jabbered
In the old style; both her eyes had slunk
Back to their pits; her stature shr...Read More

by Chaucer, Geoffrey
...ity, *know not
And hereto find they suffisant surety.
The same accord is sworn on either side;
Now, fair Constance, Almighty God thee guide!

Now woulde some men waiten, as I guess,
That I should tellen all the purveyance*, *provision
The which the emperor of his noblesse
Hath shapen* for his daughter, Dame Constance. *prepared
Well may men know that so great ordinance
May no man tellen in a little clause,
As was arrayed for so high a cause.

Bishops be shapen wit...Read More

by Dryden, John
...ever lies; 
The most have still their interest in their eyes, 
The power is always theirs, and power is ever wise. 
Almighty crowd! thou shortenest all dispute. 
Power is thy essence, wit thy attribute! 
Nor faith nor reason make thee at a stay, 
Thou leapst o'er all eternal truths in thy Pindaric way! 
Athens, no doubt, did righteously decide, 
When Phocion and when Socrates were tried; 
As righteously they did those dooms repent; 
Still they were wise, whatever way ...Read More

by Thomson, James
...t wide: the Clouds commixt, 
With Stars, swift-gliding, sweep along the Sky.
All Nature reels. -- But hark! the Almighty speaks:
Instant, the chidden Storm begins to pant,
And dies, at once, into a noiseless Calm.

AS yet, 'tis Midnight's Reign; the weary Clouds, 
Slow-meeting, mingle into solid Gloom:
Now, while the drousy World lies lost in Sleep,
Let me associate with the low-brow'd Night,
And Contemplation, her sedate Compeer;
Let me shake off th'intrusive Car...Read More

by Miller, Alice Duer
Loyal and sure—as sure as the grave; 
They make other nations seem pale and flighty, 
But they do think England is god almighty, 
And you must remind them now and then 
That other countries breed other men. 
From all of which you will think me rather 
Unjust. I am. Your devoted Father. 

I read, and saw my home with sudden yearning— 
The small white wooden house, the grass-green door, 
My father's study with the fire burning, 
And books piled on the flo...Read More

by Akhmatova, Anna

From mind the shades of songs and passions
Disappeared like load from misuse.
To her -- descended -- the Almighty ordered
To be the fearful book of menacing news.

 * IV * 

x x x

Before the spring arrives there are such days:
Under the thick snow cover rests the lawn,
The dry-and-jolly trees are making noise,
Tender and strong, the wind is warm.
And body is amazed at its own lightness,
And your own home is alien to you,
And song...Read More

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