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Famous Ailment Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Ailment poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous ailment poems. These examples illustrate what a famous ailment poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Browning, Robert while fresh in mind, 
Almost in sight--for, wilt thou have the truth? 
The very man is gone from me but now, 
Whose ailment is the subject of discourse. 
Thus then, and let thy better wit help all! 

'Tis but a case of mania--subinduced 
By epilepsy, at the turning-point 
Of trance prolonged unduly some three days: 
When, by the exhibition of some drug 
Or spell, exorcization, stroke of art 
Unknown to me and which 'twere well to know, 
The evil thing out-breaking all...Read More

by Keats, John
...d press'd her hand,
And said, "Art thou so pale, who wast so bland
And merry in our meadows? How is this?
Tell me thine ailment: tell me all amiss!--
Ah! thou hast been unhappy at the change
Wrought suddenly in me. What indeed more strange?
Or more complete to overwhelm surmise?
Ambition is no sluggard: 'tis no prize,
That toiling years would put within my grasp,
That I have sigh'd for: with so deadly gasp
No man e'er panted for a mortal love.
So all have set my heavi...Read More

by Larkin, Philip
...up like a cold sun,
Rewarding others, is my liberty.
Not to prevent it is my will's fulfillment.
Willing it, my ailment....Read More

by Hafez,
...Our toil is He, & eke our journey’s end;
Our life-long ailment & our remedy,
Our foeman & our ever-pitying friend;

Who is more vanquishing than victory,
Fairer than beauty, more belov’d than life;
This is he who our peace is & our strife.

Our strenuous earth is He & eke our Heaven,
The crown of conquest & the armour riven,
The strength, the struggle, yea, the failing even.

Of Him all is, & unto Him...Read More

by Brautigan, Richard
...Fishing Diary of Alonso Hagen

 It seemed to me that was the name of the old lady's brother

who had died of a strange ailment in his youth, a thing I found

out by keeping my ears open and looking at a large photograph

prominently displayed in her front room.

 I turned to the next page in the old diary and it had in col-


The Trips and The Trout Lost

April 7, 1891 Trout Lost 8

April 15, 1891 Trout Lost 6

April 23, 1891 Trout Lost 12

May 13, 1891 Trout Lost ...Read More

by Gorry, Godfrey Mutiso
The nurse is no artist
A greater artist has shown the nurse
An art of degeneration
A human form sculptured
By an ailment of our time 
A thousand diseases in one.
And then these sufferings
There will be no heaven here…
Can’t eat – wounds in mouth
Cant pee – balls on fire
Weak and dizzy
As thin as bones – is bones
Skin and foul air
Do not pity- 
There will be no heaven here
A body ravaged beyond ...
When looking for hell
You will find it here....Read More

by Bierce, Ambrose
...>' No doubt--
And richest of the lot will be
The chap without.

As many 'cures' as addle-wits
Who know not what the ailment is!
Meanwhile the patient foams and spits
Like a gin fizz.

Alas, poor Body Politic,
Your fate is all too clearly read:
To be not altogether quick,
Nor very dead.

You take your exercise in squirms,
Your rest in fainting fits between.
'Tis plain that your disorder's worms--
Worms fat and lean.

Worm Capital, Worm Labor dwell
Within yo...Read More

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