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Machicolation Definition

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[n] a projecting parapet supported by corbels on a medieval castle; has openings through which stones or boiling water could be dropped on an enemy

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breastwork, parapet

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\Mach`i*co*la"tion\, n. [Cf. LL. machicolamentum, machacolladura, F. m[^a]chicolis, m[^a]checoulis; perh. fr. F. m[`e]che match, combustible matter + OF. coulis, couleis, flowing, fr. OF. & F. couler to flow. Cf. {Match} for making fire, and {Cullis}.]
1. (Mil. Arch.) An opening between the corbels which support a projecting parapet, or in the floor of a gallery or the roof of a portal, shooting or dropping missiles upen assailants attacking the base of the walls. Also, the construction of such defenses, in general, when of this character. See Illusts. of {Battlement} and {Castle}.
2. The act of discharging missiles or pouring burning or melted substances upon assailants through such apertures.

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