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Clout Definition

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Other Clout Definition

[n] a short nail with a flat head; used to attach sheet metal to wood
[n] a target used in archery
[v] strike hard, esp. with the fist; "He clouted his attacker"


clout nail

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Misc. Definitions

\Clout\, n. [AS. cl[=u]t a little cloth, piece of metal; cf. Sw. klut, Icel. kl[=u]tr a kerchief, or W. clwt a clout, Gael. clud.]
1. A cloth; a piece of cloth or leather; a patch; a rag. His garments, nought but many ragged clouts, With thorns together pinned and patched was. --Spenser. A clout upon that head where late the diadem stood. --Shak.
2. A swadding cloth.
3. A piece; a fragment. [Obs.] --Chaucer.
4. The center of the butt at which archers shoot; -- probably once a piece of white cloth or a nail head. A'must shoot nearer or he'll ne'er hit the clout. --Shak.
5. An iron plate on an axletree or other wood to keep it from wearing; a washer.
6. A blow with the hand. [Low] {Clout nail}, a kind of wrought-iron nail heaving a large flat head; -- used for fastening clouts to axletrees, plowshares, etc., also for studding timber, and for various purposes.
\Clout\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Clouted}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Clouting}.] [OE. clutien. clouten, to patch. See {Clout}, n.]
1. To cover with cloth, leather, or other material; to bandage; patch, or mend, with a clout. And old shoes and clouted upon their feet. --Josh. ix.
5. Paul, yea, and Peter, too, had more skill in . . . clouting an old tent than to teach lawyers. --Latimer.
2. To join or patch clumsily. If fond Bavius vent his clouted song. --P. Fletcher
3. To quard with an iron plate, as an axletree.
4. To give a blow to; to strike. [Low] The . . . queen of Spain took off one of her chopines and clouted Olivarez about the noddle with it. --Howell.
5. To stud with nails, as a timber, or a boot sole. {Clouted cream}, clotted cream, i. e., cream obtained by warming new milk. --A. Philips. Note: ``Clouted brogues'' in Shakespeare and ``clouted shoon'' in Milton have been understood by some to mean shoes armed with nails; by others, patched shoes.

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