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Valentines Day Love Quotes For Her - Write Poetry That Rhymes

by Alex Banner

If you want to express your love write Valentine's Day love quotes for her. You'll be endearing, original and funny with your very own Valentine's Day poem. You'll want your poem to flow well, and, of course, make your loved one think that you are the most creative, intelligent and romantic person they'll ever know.

Writing Your Own Love Quotes For Her

Step One
Step one is to choose your valentine and your object of affection and writing. You can choose anyone, a long-term partner, a girl you've been dating a couple of weeks or someone you've had a crush on. The important thing is to have a lot of compliments and for the poem to rhyme.

Step Two
An idea for a poem is to change old cliches into something new. You can use any famous poem for this. It's a great basis to start your own poem, however, you'll need to give it a modern twist and make it more interesting.

Step Three
Step three is to find a rhyme, anything can rhyme, it's not that hard. First start off your poem and then think of something that would rhyme with the last word of the first line to end the second line with. And then do the same to find something for the third line, and so on. You can come up with the rhymes on your own, go through a dictionary, or you can use the internet to find words that rhyme.

Step Four
Don't go all over the place with the poem, keep the same theme. Keep it flowing smoothly and don't go from one metaphor to the other without having a smooth transition. Avoid using this kind of disjointed approach, the best way is to keep the same concept and theme together for at least two lines.

Step Five
Choose the length of your poem. You shouldn't have a word limit, however when you get the hang of it, you might end up wanting to write pages and pages of poems, or you can stick to just writing four lines. Writing shorter poems is advised if you're writing while in a new relationship, or you're writing for your secret crush. You wouldn't want to scare your loved one away with hundreds of obsessive things.

Step Six
You don't need to be poetically perfect, just be genuine. When the poem sounds like you're the one who wrote it, then it's great. You don't need to try and give Shakespeare a run for his money, or sound clever. Keeping it real is what's important. Don't get too smart and confuse yourself and your partner.

Step Seven
You don't have to rhyme everything, so don't get hung up on it. You're just writing a poem, you can even do it in free verse. The thing is to enjoy it while writing it.