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The Reason I Write Poetry And My Writing Style III

by Louis Borgo

Some people would say poetry is a dead art I say look around you where did you learn to write. To ask what is it to be at tented is to be throttle in thought of vision of passion that is to of creative none avoid. Do we learn from our mistakes or from our successor? To bring in the concept is to understand the idiomatic expressions for the craft which is poetry. The way I develop my art form and the reason that I write I guess from one aspect is my creative enlightenment from music artists.  And what I learn major of people skim through the lyrics and miss the whole point of view. Back when I was growing up when buying albums you would get a pamphlet of songs with lyrics. In side and years past and decades of albums and pamphlets of variety of artists later. Became my creative vision of my art work of poems, but could one say I saw myself as a poet? Or was it already written the reason I write poetry and my written style.


I remember in college it was a heavy debate about the poet Edgar Allan Poe and Henry David Thoreau Transcendentalism which was start by Margaret Fuller basically known as the American Romantic Period. During this time some of the best poets were develop. The debates are we born poets are do we learn from successors.  Given heavily thought even today I take the quote from Edgar Allen Poe Quote “the raven ever more”.  But who is he quoting I say that of “love”. I say to anyone do you purse life happiness or by what people dictation is moral right? I belief that self-love an true meaning of concept is what attract us to one another.   At the end of the day I see myself as realistic poet I bring attending or awareness today youth and generation. My written style and the reason I write Poetry.


I don’t think at my age I can progress any further as poet 10 years I have heavily  devote the last 10 years to poetry maybe even define the term altruism. I have learned to write in 30 different forms of poetry. Self reservance is we that of a mark and if so could you mark the page in history when life done and said who are we seek the affection of love from glory of the fame or self reservance I have yet to name a name but turn of the history of page to see fit. So I said young brother young brother no matter or race color or creed you are my young brother no I am not a man lack wood but would like to hear my full story. To continue on with my view point, “Don't wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect” do we tend listen or do we tend to hear and was it difference. When reading keep the question in mind this very question, my written style and the reason I write poetry.

When looking at the cycle of life I say key in for the true meaning are we listening or hearing. One will stay and one will depart meaning ode metaphor meaning nothing new under the sunny things are said but in a different way. Hearing or listening one will stay and one will depart from meaning I take part of the meaning from John Locke who help creation the constitution. John Locke once said “however, believed that happiness is the natural state of humanity. As Locke wrote on the subject, humans "are drawn by the forces of pleasure and repulsed by pain”.  So, “When is real being real enough” or is art in the timing of all things? If god can give sight to the blind and unjust is to suffer with justice, given the freedom of speech would you speak? Reason I write poetry and my written style.

When looking at life is one arguing or is suggestion? Is one testifying or is one clarifying? Is one angelica or is one prude how do you see? I was reading something call Yamaka which mean you keep asking question with question to discover meaning. And what I can say I understand words and the power of using them correctional. If you heard that life and death is in the tongue one can take from the view point that is Collective Coherence for those seek knowledge may you found it. And what I learn the more I write the more I learn of myself as a poet. And I say to judge me may it be of love. And the way I came to this philosophy was not of me. I credit those of Ayn Rand, Snorri Sturluson, John Milton David Hume, and Solon. And this where I say it is not the creative of my craft of my poetry but the hinder of spirit that of the spoken word.And at the end of the day if we as a society intend was to stand on one another shoulder I hope when done and said I did my good deeds. The reason I write poetry and my written style.