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The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

by Tamanna Ferdous

"The Prophet” is a collection of prose poems composed by renowned poet Kahlil Gibran. The interesting part of this piece is that, although Gibran was a believer in Christianity, He conceptualized many valuable aspects from Islam. An imaginary city of Orphalese, through this poem, turns this poem into a destination of greater humanity, the prophet becomes a simple soul carrying an enormous message of this non-perishable divinity of humanity.

The spiritual teaching of Kahlil Gibran’s poem “ The Prophet.”

As a thinking entity, I felt the biggest challenge of any organized, structural religion is that it discourages questioning, It emphasizes spiritual uplifting on relying on faith in the unseen. If one gets reluctant to question, one would get a higher risk of losing interest in the whole concept of acceptance altogether. Knowledge is transparent, what is not transparent can be a question again. It creates a vicious circle without the proper scope of understanding. Abstraction is an art but that abstraction is also a derived form of an internal yearning. One needs to assess this phase delicately and willfully. I believe that this collection is not only motivational, but it is also one of the best therapeutic pieces of poetry that can heal a suffering, distressed mind. The nurturing of mind is a healing process involved in internal healing, not always experienced in the physical dimension.