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The Importance Of Writing Love Poems For Her

by Alex Banner

Today, I am so inspired and I wanted to share a couple of reasons, to point out how important is writing love poems for her and how you could implement them in the classroom and of course in your home.

The Importance of Writing Love Poems For Her:

  • Dissecting in pieces. Covering every topic while we dissect poetry we better analyze the topics when analyzing in depth or on the surface. It makes topics more complex and easier to understand while we are being enabled to explore and explain them. 
  • Diverse in length. Poetry provides with only a touch of detail or a great amount of detail, being in all lengths. Depending on how the reader understands and reads your love poems for her
  • Building fluency. A lot of poems have rhyme, rhythm and repletion and are lyrical, also a great number of them are very pleasant to listen and are easy to follow along. They help the readers build phrasing, intonation, punctuation, and vocabulary. 
  • Everyone is a fan. Some people don’t like any kind of poem, but somewhere out there is a poem for everyone, it might catch your attention or it might make you laugh.    

Using Poems in the Classroom and at Home:

  • Read Out Loud. Read poetry out loud and let children read to you. By reading out loud, is allowing you to observe if the children are using the appropriate expressions if they are picking up the rhyme scheme and checking their timing. Have a wonderful discussion based on your observation afterward. 
  • Don’t criticize, just enjoy. You want for the children to gain a sense of love for love poems for her, so just have fun with the words, especially with younger children. 
  • Identify the Rhyme. Let them identify throughout the poem the rhyming words and discuss with them if it is a poem if it doesn’t rhyme. And yes, it is. 
  • Write your own Poetry. Try motivating the children to write their own poems. The poems can be based on anything. It can be based on their feelings, sounds that they head, the world that they see around them, their family members, their pets, their secret crush, their dreams. Everything is an inspiration.

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