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Publishing a Book: My Experience

by Marilene Evans

Thank you, Paul Schneiter, for your Article "Writing A Book".  Well thought of, well explained...

I did publish a book of 20 inspirational poems, not intended for profit.  It can really be expensive and if you want it to be considered a "New York Times" bestseller, you just have to pay $6,500 or $7,500 for it, that was what the publishing company told me.  I don't really know if NY Times would even review it.  I declined and told them "I keep my money".

Regarding editing, the charges are per word, numbers of words edited per a set fee.  So, it could go up for hundreds or thousands of dollars.  I declined...  I said my poems had been edited, plus they are poems based on feelings, emotions, not short stories or novels.

Oh, they offer installments; however, they charge a fee and do not disclose it upfront.  After you paid the first installment, they send you the statement showing the installment fee.  The installments are payable in three payments, every thirty days; however, my book was published in two or three weeks and I paid the fee in full before they published.  They do not refund the installment fee.

I chose to publish my book for a minimal fee (I think) for I wanted my words in print because I had something to say about positivity.  I wanted my inspirational poems to encourage and inspire my children and everybody related to me or associated with me.  I did not care about making money out of the book.  My main purpose was ...if I could change one in a million to be positive, I consider that my profit.

The publisher still contacts me about how to market my book.  Of course, for a hefty fee, that is. 

Book: Reflection on the Important Things