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Publish Your Poems the Easy Way

by Edward Weiss

So, you want to publish your poems. But you think it's not worth the time or effort. If I hadn't published my own successful book of poems, I'd say you were right. But by actually doing it myself I've learned a lot. Let me share with you what I did.

First, of course, I finished writing the poetry. I write haiku so my task is a lot easier than most, but that shouldn't deter you either way. I wrote at least 5 poems a day (usually a lot more) and I finished an entire book in less than a month! That's from not having anything, to having a finished book in hand.

Poetry writers have a huge advantage over other fiction writers because we can quickly fill a book. Each page receives one poem and the work can be finished fast!

After I got together over 100 poems (125 to be exact) it was time to create the book. I created my first book "Seashore Haiku" on Microsoft Word 97. Yes, you heard correctly. The cover, the interior pages - all were done using this software program.

I then converted the word document into a PDF file using a free software program called PDF 995. It's great and allows you to convert your word files very easily.

I decided I didn't want to go the usual 5x8 or 6x9 format. I did a custom size 5.5 x 5.5 and it turned out great. I also investigated Lulu, the POD publisher everyone raves about. I decided to skip them and actually have the books printed myself and I'm really glad I did. Lulu takes too much of the profit and they don't do anything to sell your books.

I went with a company called 48-hour books and they did a fantastic job! Plus they give you 25 extra books when you order 100 or more. I ordered 175 books from them and they arrived in pristine condition. You can take a look at the book by clicking the link below.

Edward Weiss is a poet, author, and publisher of Wisteria Press. He has been helping students learn how to write haiku for many years and has just released his first book "Seashore Haiku!" Sign up for free daily haiku and get beautiful haiku poems in your inbox each morning! Visit for haiku books, lessons, articles, and more!

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