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Poetry In Literature

by Louis Borgo

Poetry in Literature has shape the way we appreciation art. To the Odyssey to Iliad but is it a correct way to interruption it. The spoken word is meant to be read out loud but is a correct way to deliver it to the audience. And in some case Poetry in literature has been came films.

When speaking about poetry in literature it has been tons of art work turn into literature but what is the difference between Literature and Poetry? Literature is the body work of a language, period, or culture. Poetry is a form of literature that uses aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language such as phonaesthetics, sound and metre. So is it save to say that poetry can shape literature and that language and the way that poetry is read come down from what culture we are from. Poetry in Literature has shape the way we appreciation art.

When looking at the Odyssey and Iliad which I believe was written by Homer. If Literature is that of poetry and the culture has a profound effect.

On how the art work is deliver it shape the understand and the art work

Of that time period which make it authentic as well as a classic. If it was not

For film poetry in literature would be hard to translation a clear understanding of it intend. Giving that poetry is a literature device that can be translation in to serve meaning. So my question is when come to literature and Poetry is a correct way to develop the art work. Poetry

literature how it shape the way appreciation art.


When looking at art the quality subject of the literature device of poetry.

I believe it is no wrong way to deliver the art. The beauty of poetry found in

Literature that found with in the culture it always captivated the audience making them think and captivate the moment with in poetry in motion which has a profound effect on on culture and language this is why poetry in literature is appreciation in art.