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My Freedom. My Words. Myself.

by olive eloisa guillermo
It is my freedom.

Common adage as pen is mightier than the sword is oftenly heard and told by many. Throughout history so much exemplified in my own country: the Philippines. Our national hero: Jose P. Rizal most notable writings: Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo are his main stimulators arousing the sleeping bravery of the Filipinos in his time. 

I am a silent shy type person who when angry or been shouted at sometimes just remain silent. It's not to be defenseless nor to be weak rather this is to avoid small things to get big. It is also my way to let things cool down. Avoiding words that might worsen any situation.

Thus, one of my outlets is writing. I started in my high school years. I tried to join our school paper but so focused on my studies until college that i have gaps on my writing. Nevertheless, being away from home; unexpected expressions, various experiences and lots of personalities that came by in my life brought out so much in me that i again began to compose.

I thought i have forgotten this long ago nor do i expect that it will be liked. All i want is to express myself silently and sharing it with some persons. Some, i have posted in facebook and send it to my friends. Too many to count, not to brag though, i am nearly completing my second 80 paged notebook.

As before, i compose in a paper but when i am here in Saudi as i have lots of freetime. Sometimes, i just scribble via my phone as when thoughts pop around my mind. Most of my poems before are of free verse type but because of my likeness to rhymes, I'm so encourage and it challenges me to make my poems on rhyming form. i hope though that every word i chose doesn't effect yet it will add more interest, vibrancy in my composition.

Some have appreciated my writings: my poems, my reflections, my essays and some short stories i created. Some have vocally told me their admiration; their dislike; their criticism and some feedbacks of which i truly appreciate. May it be good or bad, i care. i like them all. However, those who criticized destructively as sometimes when i write without rechecking i post instantly. what can i say? i truly don't care even.

As all that i'm writing is all about i am.

I do not aspire popularity nor do i expect to earn from this, all i want is to express and maybe someday my children will read them too. 

I love writing. It makes me so free of which freedom to where i am at the moment is so limited and so precious. it goes also, as being far from home thought me to talk less and trust cautiously. If writing these makes me appear as so deep and sensitive person let it be. I am just hoping and wishing that maybe by sharing these, my reader will enjoy, be encouraged, be inspired and simply, will feel "me". i have fun writing them: some made me really smile, pout, laugh, shake and even cry as i do not speak aloud but i write what i want to say silently.