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Intellectual Young Minds

by Orlando Leach
Many people say the next generation is better than the last, but right now, I find fault with that reasoning. As I observe the young mind's endeavoring attempts to express their feelings, I really find it interesting; the fact that children under the age of 18 can express their descriptive poetry so fluently is a topic i find most fascinating. I myself, of the youthful category enjoy the wonders of literature due to its new adventures and hidden mysteries. When I look at some of my peers' poetry and many others on Poetry Soup, it makes me overflow with numerous ideas and structures that i can benefit from and make my poetry more eye-catching. Many of the children of this generation (i believe) can make an extraordinary difference in the way we vision poetry. They could be, no no no !, i won't even say could; they will be the next Maya Angelou and Cilia White. I think many of us-a-people should focus on language as another main subject. It can enhance your vocabulary and maybe, just maybe, encourage others to become more educated or should i say more up-to-date with our human language. Poetry has played a vital role in life due to the fact it mesmerizes many of our intellectual youthful minds into grabbing a pencil and drawing their future through expression. Hopefully many have recognized this same path as reader of poetry. The Poetry Age has been reprocessed, reloaded, and reborn into the young minds of today.