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Acrostic Rhyme Poems

by Paula Goldsmith

Definition for an "Acrostic Rhyme Poem" believed to be created by Paula Goldsmith, author and international poet. The Acrostic Rhyme Poem is a form of poetry where the first letter of each line form one word (name, theme, phrase, topic). When reading vertically (down), the word, theme, phrase, topic are recognizable as one word. The last word of each line must also rhyme. When more than one word (name, theme, phrase, topic), each group of words must also rhyme independently. The rhyme scheme is up to the writer. 

Today I pray
Oh Lord do not let me stray
Do I still need to pay
Another day down with no play
You give me your say
Written Date: 6/28/2020
Acrostic Rhyme
Love or Lust
Love you everyday
Oliver I want kisses more than I can say
Violet please stay
Everyday we can play
Light from your smile
Us aginst them down the aisle
Stay for a while
Two of us can go a mile
Date Written: 6/26/2020  
Acrostic Rhyme

Book: Shattered Sighs