Russian Poems and Poetry from Russian Federation

Russian poems and poetry from Russian Federation. Read examples of Russian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

The parable of forsaken son RussianRussian FederationOrlov, Nikita 02/24/2017
MUSIC FOR DAMP WEATHER RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney02/22/2017
I surrender my soul RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge02/21/2017
OCEAN FOR TWO RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney02/10/2017
On those ridges RussianRussian FederationOrlov, Nikita 02/08/2017
MOSTLY DARKNESS RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney02/06/2017
ICICLES RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney02/04/2017
Stony guest RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge02/04/2017
I love you like I did in past RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge02/03/2017
ALMOST HOME RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney01/31/2017
The dogs can see the dreams like we RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge01/30/2017
I will survive RussianRussian FederationChebukin, Roman01/28/2017
THE CURSE OF FOG RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney01/27/2017
My Sea RussianRussian FederationAvalon, Ria April01/24/2017
Diaries RussianRussian FederationAvalon, Ria April01/24/2017
Every Love RussianRussian FederationAvalon, Ria April01/24/2017
WINTER'S OFFSPRING RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney01/24/2017
I will not be the idol of yours RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge01/24/2017
All the words these you don't say RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge01/20/2017
HAIR BRUSHING RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney01/20/2017
CAT RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney01/20/2017
DISCOVERIES RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney01/19/2017
Yes, I wish you with lust, I'm sorry RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge01/16/2017
DOWN TO EARTH PLEASURES RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney01/13/2017
Hey little girl RussianRussian FederationBlack, Julia01/11/2017
THE POETRY BIRD RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney01/10/2017
Sometimes the sound is cold for our being RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge01/07/2017
Conversation Of Two RussianRussian FederationUzhinskaya, Yana01/02/2017
Smiling vase RussianRussian FederationUzhinskaya, Yana01/02/2017
Rendez-vous RussianRussian FederationUzhinskaya, Yana01/02/2017
Perhaps, you are not Fate of mine RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge01/01/2017
OCEAN IN MY MIND RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney01/01/2017
EGG PHILOSOPHY RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney01/01/2017
Glad To Know You RussianRussian FederationBurns, Tom12/30/2016
I am a parody RussianRussian FederationBlack, Julia12/25/2016
PREDATOR EAST WIND RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney12/25/2016
LOVING IN THE RAIN RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney12/22/2016
You are RussianRussian FederationBlack, Julia12/20/2016
Heart's beating on the face of roads RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge12/19/2016
It's dark it's cold it's fine and no one RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge12/19/2016
SCAVENGERS RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney12/11/2016
Beacons of Hope RussianRussian FederationBurns, Tom12/10/2016
Children of the night RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge12/02/2016
Everything's OK RussianRussian FederationVodyakhin, Denis11/29/2016
Perhaps RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge11/26/2016
LEAVING CINCINNATI RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney11/23/2016
I'll never let you see me cry RussianRussian FederationBlack, Julia11/22/2016
HERE RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney11/20/2016
What Makes Our Friends True RussianRussian FederationBurns, Tom11/16/2016
Last Farewell RussianRussian FederationBurns, Tom11/14/2016