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Soul Mates

When I first saw you with your eyes of blue,
I stumbled, I stuttered, I did not know what to do.
When you held my hand my heart would melt,
you always knew how I felt.
Holding you tight those many years,
sometimes I can't hold back the tears.
How happy we were in this life,
now my days are full of strife.
For we were soul mates my dear,
and one day again I will hold you near.


Copyright © Joseph Sergi | Year Posted 2014

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Let the flood of my tears drown this day
And soar my spirit to the base of tartarus…!

O Cupid…come Pothos and Himeros
Where are thy powers to hold still?
Are thou wearied by human caprices,
Of whose hands fate lies then?

Elusive Aphrodite, of all thy allures
Thou perish in fantasies of beauty.

O fair rose, my heart is pierced,
Beneath thy bed is frame of thorns.

Gather ye four winds in monotonous drone
And let thee pines chime a dirge

O love...love…love…my love…my joy…
Is now lain a wreath upon my heart!

Years of love intrigues, of dreams, sacrifice,
Pain, trust, consolation and determination…

Is sold out a day to another who knows not,
For a piece of coin and a parcel of fancy.

Lento… lento the knell for a broken heart…
Love is clothed a shadow, beauty a mask! 

Cry… for what is broken so shall remain
Never to be wiped, never to be patched!


Copyright © ITSOGHOLE O SOLOMON | Year Posted 2014

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Never Ever Again

I never knew I’d never see you Again… I guess fate had decreed it so Back then… We embraced, shared a kiss Shared a moment of blessed bliss Not knowing we’d Never ever see each other Again… I wonder could there be Some preordained plan for me A course my ship must sail Upon Life’s Sea So many things I know not now So many things I knew not then And sadly… how it came to end somehow That I never knew I’d never see you …again…

Copyright © David Whalen O Haolin in ancient Celtic | Year Posted 2015