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Rebels Dome - Lyrics by Sinister

gathered in this hellish pit my domainthis world of sin, rebels domerebels raving with violent ragemarching at the dawn of no returnrebels sworn to darknesspraise the beastrevenge is oursarena of hatred, torment and blissblasphemous sinister feastheretics screaming in bestial lustterror strikes and victims fallrebels domemy domainrebels domerebels feasting to praise the beastthe wasteland roars, to vengeance swornexplosion of chaos, death is up handextirpete enemies from our domerebels sworn to darknesspraise the beastrevenge is oursrebels domeanger rise, raptures pain, praise the beastburn in bliss, the abyss roars, rebels feastrebels domemy domainrebels domegathered to burnburn in my domainrebels domemy domainrebels dome"
Cross the Styx"
Rise into the elder worldthe burning purgatorydeadly cosmic terrorthe lowest depths of hell
I signed the book of bloodby will - now that's a factmarked by the numbersof predominancelead me to the path of perfect celebration
I've been reborn in a world of consumption
Arisen in blasphemymutilation I needconsume souls eternallyfor my torment they will bleed
Realm of darkthronenetherworld of doomcruel horned spiritseverlasting ghouls
Flowen from the dephtsdark horned mutationsmillion tied up soulsinfernal slaves of manipulation
Cross the Styx
I call on theeblind idiot god of chaosgoat with a thousand younggod of perfection