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Doomed - Lyrics by Sinister

Unleashed from the swarm of mortalityarise in darkness where blackened souls dwell
Shapes of darkness will abidethe sound of death remains in emptiness
Among the void twilight remainsfilled with spawn of blasphemy
Obscure vortex of morbid wrathfull of malignant mutations
Bestial luminous semblancesource of abominationconsuming souls perpetualhorror beyond description
Descended in a new dimensionreborn in harassementjoyrney beyond eternitytraveling through this world of doom
From the burning depth they appearlardaceous goo mutationsswarming among ancient spiritsspawn havoc creations
Descended in a new dimensionreborn in harassementjoyrney beyond eternityunholy world of doom
Life like afterbirt - invoked semblanceinept creature - leave now seance ends
My minds is going placesabandoning the bodyenvisioning my caskethollow mortal remains
Drawn tighter to the vortexwhich center's hell's dimensiondisclosure of agonybeyond the vacuum pylonmalignant mutationspiercing my soulamalgamation with agonylife slips away
Enter now the world of doom