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Poetry Clichés | Cliches in Poetry

A List of Clichés in Poetry. This page contains examples of clichés in poetry and a comprehensive list of clichés . These are clichés and overused sayings you may find in poetry, however,  the exhaustive list of clichés or trite phrases may be found in other forms of writing. It is a good practice to avoid use of these phases in poetry unless used in a completely original way.

Popular Cliches

a broken heart
a hollow soul
a rose by any other name
a solitary soul
a soul full of longing
a soul full of sorrow
a soul of discretion
a weary heart
absence makes the heart grow fonder
actions speak louder than words
after my own heart
all's fair in love and war
apple of my eye
as far as the eye can see
as good as gold
as tender as a mother's heart
as time passes by
back stabber
baited breath
baptism by fire
bated breath
beauty is in the eye of the beholder
beauty is only skin deep
big heart
cry over spilled milk
do you feel me
does my heart good
driving me crazy
endless words
every dog has his day
everything's coming up roses
faint heart never a true love knows
fall head over heels
fall through the cracks
fan the flames
grass is always greener
grass is always greener on the other side
hang in there
have a heart
heart breaker
heavy heart
i can't breathe witout you
i can't live without you
i love you more than
in the nick of time
keep your chin up
kissing the rose
looking into my soul
lost in each others
love is blind
love make the world go round
love's embrace
loves conquers all things
more than meets the eye
more than words can express
my head is spinning
my heart aches for you
my heart clings to you
my heart cries out to you
my heart is a lonely hunter
my heart is aflame
my heart is an open book
my heart is drowning in sorrow
my heart is in my hand
my heart is on fire
my heart is weary
my heart laid bare
my heart longs for you
my heart reached out
my heart sings to you
my heart waits for you
my heart will always be true
my heart will never be free
my heart withered like
my lonely heart
my lonely soul
my open soul
my soul is a shadow
my soul is alone
my soul is on fire
my soul laid bare
my soul reached out
my soul took flight
my stomach is tied up in knots
my tears fell like rain
my wandering soul
my weary soul
no man is an island
no one understands me
one in million
one true love
over and over again
pearls before swine
pounding of his lonely heart
reached new heights
red roses
road less traveled
sands of time
season's greetings
shadow of my soul
silence is golden
spice of life
stars like diamonds
stop and smell the roses
test the waters
thorn in my side
til the end of time
time after time
time and again
time heals all wounds
tip of the iceberg
two hearts
waiting for the dust to settle
waiting for your ship to come in
when all is said and done
wish upon a star
word that was left unspoken
words that were left unspoken
you clawed at my heart
you held onto my heart
you make the sun shine
you set my heart on fire
you tore my heart
you tore out my heart
young and in love
your cheating heart
your lying heart

More Cliches & Poems

tail between his legs
take a back seat to
take a bath
take a breather
take a dump
take a leak
take a long walk off a short plank
take a picture
take a step back
take care of your knitting
take five
take it easy
take it from me
take it to the limit
take it with a grain of salt
take one for the team
take stock of
take the bull by the horns
take the crowd out of the game
take the easy way out
take the gloves off
take the plunge
take the wind out of your sail
take the world by storm
take your life in your own hands
taken for a ride
takes its toll on you
taking the scenic route
talk shop
talk to the hand
talk until you are blue in the face
talking behind his back
tall tale
taste of your own medicine
teach him to fish
teacher's pet
team player
tear you a new #sshole
technicolor yawn
tell a prokie
tell it to me straight
tempest in a teapot
ten to one (1)
tend the garden
test the waters
testing one's mettle
thank goodness
thank your lucky stars
that and a quarter will get you a cup of coffee
that burns me up
that chaps my hide
that dog won't hunt
that gets my goad
that hits the spot
that takes the cake
that was cold-blooded
that which does not kill you makes you stronger
that's a doozy
that's a joke
that's a load off my mind
that's a wrap
that's bogus
that's for the birds
that's how the cow eats the cabbage
that's just peachy
that's no joke
that's the sixty-four thousand question
that's the ticket
that's the way lady luck dances
that's the way the ball bounces
that's the way the cookie crumbles
that's water under the bridge
the best things in life are free
the bomb
the only thing we have to fear is fear itself
their ace
there is a god
there is more than one way to skin a cat
there is no cow on the ice
there is no i in team
there is no time like the present
there now
there ought to be a law against that
there'll be hell to pay
there's a sucker born every minute
there's gold in them thar hills
there's no place like home
there's no such thing as a free lunch
there's no time like the present
there's something fishy about that
they can't buy a basket
they need to take care of the rock
they play good d
thick as a brick
thick as a ditch
thick as pea soup
thick headed
things aren't what they used to be
think like a man
think outside the box
thinking with the wrong head
third time's a charm
third wheel
thirty thousand foot level
thorn in my side
those who do not look back from where they come from
three sheets to the wind
threw a curve ball
threw it with a little something on it
through thick and thin
throw cold water on
throw down
throw gas on the fire
throw in the towel
throw me a bone
throw me some scraps
throw the baby out with the bathwater
throw the book at him
throw to the wolves
throw your hat in the ring
throwing aspirin tablets
thumb your nose at
thumbs up
tickled pink
tie the knot
tie the know
tight as a drum
tight as the bark on a tree
tight wad
tighten your belt
tighter than a gnat's ass
til the end of time
tilting at windmills
time after time
time and again
time flies when you're having fun
time heals all wounds
time is money
time is running out
time of your life
time on your hands
time out
time's up
timesy are a changing
tip of the iceberg
to be honest with you
to each his own
to the victor go the spoils
to toy with
today is the first day of the rest of your life
toe the line
tongue in cheek
tongue lashing
tongue tied
too many chefs spoil the broth
too many chiefs and not enough indians
too many cooks spoil the soup
too much information
too much sail for a small craft
too rich for my blood
took off like a bat out of hell
took off like a shot
took something off that one
toot his own horn
tooth and nail
top banana
top dog
tore up from the floor up
toss your cookies
touch and go
tow the line
tread lightly
trial balloon
trial by fire
tried and true
trip over your tongue
trojan horse
truth is stranger than fiction
tugging at heartstrings
tune out
turn on a dime
turn over a new leaf
twiddling your thumbs
twist my arm
twist of fate
two faced
two heads are better than one
two hearts
two left feet
two ships passing in the night
two wrongs don't make a right