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Famous Ocean Poems | Examples of Famous Ocean Poetry

These are examples of famous Ocean poems written by famous poets. PoetrySoup is a great resource of famous Ocean poems about Ocean. These examples illustrate what famous Ocean poems looks like and its form.

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Famous PoemPoetCategory
Still I Rise Angelou, Maya Ocean
Paul Reveres Ride Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth Ocean
Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey Wordsworth, William Ocean
The Fire of Drift-Wood Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth Ocean
Kubla Khan , Ocean
A bird came down the walk Dickinson, Emily Ocean
Youth and Age Byron, George (Lord) Ocean
Loves Philosophy Shelley, Percy Bysshe Ocean
Song of the Lotos-Eaters Tennyson, Alfred Lord Ocean
Written among the Euganean Hills North Italy Shelley, Percy Bysshe Ocean
Oh Mother of a Mighty Race Bryant, William Cullen Ocean
The Recollection Shelley, Percy Bysshe Ocean
The Idea of Order at Key West Stevens, Wallace Ocean
Ode to the West Wind Shelley, Percy Bysshe Ocean
Stanzas Written in Dejection near Naples Shelley, Percy Bysshe Ocean
Resignation Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth Ocean
There be none of Beautys daughters Byron, George (Lord) Ocean
Remorse Shelley, Percy Bysshe Ocean
The Invitation Shelley, Percy Bysshe Ocean
Seaweed Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth Ocean
Prothalamion Spenser, Edmund Ocean
Thanatopsis Bryant, William Cullen Ocean
To a Waterfowl Bryant, William Cullen Ocean
Colloquy in Black Rock Lowell, Robert Ocean
Man and Wife Lowell, Robert Ocean
At Midocean Bly, Robert Ocean
TO THE HOUSE Jeffers, Robinson Ocean
Who Runs America? Ginsberg, Allen Ocean
White Flock Akhmatova, Anna Ocean
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner Coleridge, Samuel Taylor Ocean
Kubla Khan Coleridge, Samuel Taylor Ocean
The wanderer Field, Eugene Ocean
Apple-Pie and Cheese Field, Eugene Ocean
Four Quartets 3: The Dry Salvages Eliot, T S (Thomas Stearns) Ocean
The Ancestral Dwelling Dyke, Henry Van Ocean
The Glory of Ships Dyke, Henry Van Ocean
Lines Composed in a Wood on a Windy Day Bronte, Anne Ocean
How In All Wonder... Clough, Arthur Hugh Ocean
Beach Glass Clampitt, Amy Ocean
Fog Clampitt, Amy Ocean
Fit the Fifth ( Hunting of the Snark ) Carroll, Lewis Ocean
Four Riddles Carroll, Lewis Ocean
The Hunting Of The Snark Carroll, Lewis Ocean
Fit the Second ( Hunting of the Snark ) Carroll, Lewis Ocean
Five Ways To Kill A Man Brock, Edwin Ocean
Winter Seascape Betjeman, John Ocean
The Hon. Sec. Betjeman, John Ocean
Cornish Cliffs Betjeman, John Ocean
Against Writing about Children Belieu, Erin Ocean
My Soul is Awakened Bronte, Anne Ocean
Ocean of Forms Tagore, Rabindranath Ocean
Patriotism 02 Nelson Pitt Fox Scott, Sir Walter Ocean
I Years had been from Home Dickinson, Emily Ocean
Second Best Brooke, Rupert Ocean
Seaside Brooke, Rupert Ocean
Finding Brooke, Rupert Ocean
Five Ways To Kill A Man Breton, Andre Ocean
To Mary On Receiving Her Picture Byron, George (Lord) Ocean
The Giaour Byron, George (Lord) Ocean
Bride of Abydos The Byron, George (Lord) Ocean
The Siege of Corinth Byron, George (Lord) Ocean
For Music Byron, George (Lord) Ocean
Lara Byron, George (Lord) Ocean
The Prisoner of Chillon Byron, George (Lord) Ocean
The Vision of Judgment Byron, George (Lord) Ocean
There Be None of Beautys Daughters Byron, George (Lord) Ocean
Stanzas For Music: Theres Not A Joy The World Can Give Byron, George (Lord) Ocean
Darkness Byron, George (Lord) Ocean
The Dream Byron, George (Lord) Ocean
Stanzas For Music Byron, George (Lord) Ocean
Nationality In Drinks Browning, Robert Ocean
Saul Browning, Robert Ocean
From ‘Paracelsus’ Browning, Robert Ocean
Popularity Browning, Robert Ocean
The Englishman In Italy Browning, Robert Ocean
A Lovers Quarrel Browning, Robert Ocean
Bishop Blougrams Apology Browning, Robert Ocean
The Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers Browning, Elizabeth Barrett Ocean
The Landing Of The Pilgrim Fathers Browning, Elizabeth Barrett Ocean
The Burglar Of Babylon Bishop, Elizabeth Ocean
The End Of March Bishop, Elizabeth Ocean
The House Of Dust: Part 04: 01: Clairvoyant Aiken, Conrad Ocean
Hatteras Calling Aiken, Conrad Ocean
A Letter From Li Po Aiken, Conrad Ocean
Adieu to Belshanny Allingham, William Ocean
Inferno (English) Alighieri, Dante Ocean
Into the Dusk-Charged Air Ashbery, John Ocean
Rugby Chapel Arnold, Matthew Ocean
Sohrab and Rustum Arnold, Matthew Ocean
The Future Arnold, Matthew Ocean
Stanzas from the Grande Chartreuse Arnold, Matthew Ocean
Moon over Mountain Pass Po, Li Ocean
I Met A Genius Bukowski, Charles Ocean
The Sale of Saint Thomas Abercrombie, Lascelles Ocean
The Rock and The Bubble Alcott, Louisa May Ocean
Misgivings Melville, Herman Ocean
Psalm 29 Watts, Isaac Ocean
Psalm 147 part 2 Watts, Isaac Ocean
Psalm 139 part 2 Watts, Isaac Ocean