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Famous Places Poems | Examples of Famous Places Poetry

These are examples of famous Places poems written by famous poets. PoetrySoup is a great resource of famous Places poems about Places. These examples illustrate what famous Places poems looks like and its form.

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Famous PoemPoet
You Are Tired Cummings, Edward Estlin (E E)
Epithalamion Spenser, Edmund
from Flying Home Kinnell, Galway
One Art Bishop, Elizabeth
Church Going Larkin, Philip
The Bear Kinnell, Galway
Thars More In the Man Than Thar Is In The Land Lanier, Sidney
Thars More In the Man Than Thar Is In The Land Lanier, Sidney
Lyonnesse Plath, Sylvia
Poem 12 Spenser, Edmund
Security Stafford, William
The Lonely God Stephens, James
Melancholly Strode, William
Classical Indian Explanation: Music Subraman, Belinda
To Stella Who Collected and Transcribed His Poems Swift, Jonathan
Phillis Or the Progress of Love Swift, Jonathan
Mrs Frances Hariss Petition Swift, Jonathan
Bridge Over The Aire Book 1 Tebb, Barry
Bridge Over The Aire Book 3 Tebb, Barry
YOU Tebb, Barry
Ballad Of The Long-Legged Bait Thomas, Dylan
In No Strange Land Thompson, Francis
MFingal - Canto I Trumbull, John
MFingal - Canto II Trumbull, John
When Golda Meir was in Africa Walker, Alice
The Day Of Doom Wigglesworth, Michael
Ode To The Only Girl Williams, John
The Call Of The Wild Service, Robert William
The Three Voices Service, Robert William
Kelly Of The Legion Service, Robert William
The Wee Shop Service, Robert William
The Rhyme Of The Remittance Man Service, Robert William
The Song Of The Camp-Fire Service, Robert William
The Lure Of Little Voices Service, Robert William
Jaloppy Joy Service, Robert William
Tranquilism Service, Robert William
Voltaire Johnson Masters, Edgar Lee
Washington McNeely Masters, Edgar Lee
Jacob Goodpasture Masters, Edgar Lee
The Bushfire - an Allegory Paterson, Andrew Barton
Black Swans Paterson, Andrew Barton
Our New Horse Paterson, Andrew Barton
Song of the Artesian Water Paterson, Andrew Barton
The Story of Mongrel Grey Paterson, Andrew Barton
Looking-Glass River Stevenson, Robert Louis
To My Name-Child Stevenson, Robert Louis
The Flowers Stevenson, Robert Louis
Foreign Lands Stevenson, Robert Louis
Keepsake Mill Stevenson, Robert Louis
Good and Bad Children Stevenson, Robert Louis
In the Highlands Stevenson, Robert Louis
Homage To A Government Larkin, Philip
The Supreme Sacrifice Lazarus, Emma
Tenth Commandment Lehman, David
Zeroing In Levertov, Denise
Coming Close Levine, Philip
In The New Sun Levine, Philip
What Work Is Levine, Philip
Those Graves In Rome Levis, Larry
The Widening Spell Of Leaves Levis, Larry
A Dirge Levy, Amy
A Farewell Levy, Amy
The Chinese Nightingale Lindsay, Vachel
Why I Voted the Socialist Ticket Lindsay, Vachel
The Broncho That Would Not Be Broken Lindsay, Vachel
Pickthorn Manor Lowell, Amy
Lead Soldiers Lowell, Amy
The Basket Lowell, Amy
Malmaison Lowell, Amy
Marine Snow At Mid-Depths And Down Lux, Thomas
He Has Lived In Many Houses Lux, Thomas
Countrywomen Mansfield, Katherine
To God the Father Mansfield, Katherine
Waves Mansfield, Katherine
Upon Appleton House to My Lord Fairfax Marvell, Andrew
The Everlasting Mercy Masefield, John
An Epilogue Masefield, John
Alfonso Dressing to Wait at Table McKay, Claude
Paradise Lost: Book 05 Milton, John
Paradise Lost: Book 11 Milton, John
Paradise Lost: Book 10 Milton, John
Paradise Lost: Book 12 Milton, John
The Mowed Hollow Murray, Les
To My Fairy Fancies Naidu, Sarojini
Goody for Our Side and Your Side Too Nash, Ogden
Plea Parker, Dorothy
Irkallas White Caves Patchen, Kenneth
Saturday Night in the Parthenon Patchen, Kenneth
La Solitude de St. Amant Philips, Katherine
EPISTLE II: TO A LADY (Of the Characters of Women) Pope, Alexander
Couplets on Wit Pope, Alexander
The Plunge Pound, Ezra
Francesca Pound, Ezra
These Fought in Any Case Pound, Ezra
Nicotine Pound, Ezra
Hugh Selwyn Mauberly (Part I) Pound, Ezra
E.P. Ode Pour Lelection De Son Sepulchre Pound, Ezra
Lament Raine, Kathleen