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Famous Dance Poems | Examples of Famous Dance Poetry

These are examples of famous Dance poems written by famous poets. PoetrySoup is a great resource of famous Dance poems about Dance. These examples illustrate what famous Dance poems looks like and its form.

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Famous PoemPoet
Still I Rise Angelou, Maya
The Passionate Shepherd to His Love Marlowe, Christopher
I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud Wordsworth, William
Footsteps of Angels Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Anyone Lived In A Pretty How Town Cummings, Edward Estlin (E E)
Song of the Indian Maid Keats, John
Ode to a Nightingale Keats, John
Six Significant Landscapes Stevens, Wallace
Come down O Maid Tennyson, Alfred Lord
Lochinvar Scott, Sir Walter
Maud Tennyson, Alfred Lord
The Bear Kinnell, Galway
The Crowded Street Bryant, William Cullen
Astrophel and Stella Sidney, Sir Philip
Spanish Dancer Rilke, Rainer Maria
Christabel Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Dickinson Poems by Number Dickinson, Emily
Easter Morning Ammons, A R
Senlin: His Cloudy Destiny Aiken, Conrad
Senlin: His Dark Origins Aiken, Conrad
Lord Roberts Triumphal Entry into Pretoria McGonagall, William Topaz
Mary smith Field, Eugene
In My Youth I Was a Tireless Dancer Dorn, Edward
Four Quartets 1: Burnt Norton Eliot, Thomas Stearns Eliot (T S)
War-Music Dyke, Henry Van
Cassandra Doolittle, Hilda
The General Prologue Chaucer, Geoffrey
The Wife of Baths Tale Chaucer, Geoffrey
The Millers Tale Chaucer, Geoffrey
The Goddess in the Wood Brooke, Rupert
Death Fugue Celan, Paul
Circulation Carver, Raymond
Ballad Of The Despairing Husband Creeley, Robert
Age Creeley, Robert
On the desert Crane, Stephen
Four Riddles Carroll, Lewis
The Lobster Quadrille Carroll, Lewis
A Subalterns Love Song Betjeman, John
The Surprise Barnes, William
De Amicitiis Field, Eugene
Choriambics -- I Brooke, Rupert
IV. The Dead Brooke, Rupert
The Dead: IV Brooke, Rupert
Dust Brooke, Rupert
Tiare Tahiti Brooke, Rupert
Goddess In The Wood The Brooke, Rupert
1914 IV: The Dead Brooke, Rupert
Testament Berry, Wendell
The White Peacock Benet, Stephen Vincent
Road and Hills Benet, Stephen Vincent
Before an Examination Benet, Stephen Vincent
The Isles of Greece Byron, George (Lord)
The Siege of Corinth Byron, George (Lord)
Isles of Greece The Byron, George (Lord)
Lara Byron, George (Lord)
To Romance Byron, George (Lord)
The Flight Of The Duchess Browning, Robert
Rabbi Ben Ezra Browning, Robert
Women And Roses Browning, Robert
Bishop Blougrams Apology Browning, Robert
The Laboratory Browning, Robert
Sonnet 25 - A heavy heart Beloved have I borne Browning, Elizabeth Barrett
The Ladys Yes Browning, Elizabeth Barrett
Sestina Bishop, Elizabeth
Turns And Movies: Rose And Murray Aiken, Conrad
Turns And Movies: The Cornet Aiken, Conrad
The House Of Dust: Part 03: 01: As evening falls Aiken, Conrad
The House Of Dust: Part 03: 09: Cabaret Aiken, Conrad
The House Of Dust: Part 03: 12: Witches Sabbath Aiken, Conrad
Improvisations: Light And Snow Aiken, Conrad
Nocturne Of Remembered Spring Aiken, Conrad
Meadowsweet Allingham, William
When Stretchd on Ones Bed Austen, Jane
Sound And Sense Pope, Alexander
Sohrab and Rustum Arnold, Matthew
Stanzas from the Grande Chartreuse Arnold, Matthew
Drinking Alone Po, Li
Big Night On The Town Bukowski, Charles
A Challenge To The Dark Bukowski, Charles
Girl In A Miniskirt Reading The Bible Outside My Window Bukowski, Charles
The Sale of Saint Thomas Abercrombie, Lascelles
The Rock and The Bubble Alcott, Louisa May
Snowbound a Winter Idyl Whittier, John Greenleaf
Evolution John, Sharmagne Leland-St
On The Skeleton Of A Hound Wright, James
From Snow-Bound 11:1-40 116-154 Whittier, John Greenleaf
The Quaker Graveyard in Nantucket Lowell, Robert
Overture To A Dance Of Locomotives Williams, William Carlos (WCW)
Romance Moderne Williams, William Carlos (WCW)
Danse Russe Williams, William Carlos (WCW)
Poem Reaching For Something Troupe, Quincy
To A Young Lady Trumbull, John
The Babys Dance Taylor, Ann
The Little Cripples Complaint Taylor, Ann
song and dance Gregory, Rg
When First I Came Here Thomas, Edward
In Memoriam A. H. H.: 105. To-night ungatherd let us leave Tennyson, Alfred Lord
The Princess (prologue) Tennyson, Alfred Lord