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Famous School Poems | Examples of Famous School Poetry

These are examples of famous School poems written by famous poets. PoetrySoup is a great resource of famous School poems about School. These examples illustrate what famous School poems looks like and its form.

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Famous PoemPoet
Because I could not stop for Death Dickinson, Emily
A Farewell to False Love Raleigh, Sir Walter
God permit industrious angels Dickinson, Emily
My Lost Youth Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
The Village Blacksmith Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Resignation Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Astrophel and Stella Sidney, Sir Philip
The Final Tax Butler, Ellis Parker
The Song of Education Chesterton, G K
The Ballad of the White Horse Chesterton, G K
A Familiar Letter Holmes, Oliver Wendell
The Norsemen ( From Narrative and Legendary Poems ) Whittier, John Greenleaf
Snowbound a Winter Idyl Whittier, John Greenleaf
The General Public Benet, Stephen Vincent
Inscription for the Entrance to a Wood Bryant, William Cullen
Easter Morning Ammons, A R
We Real Cool Brooks, Gwendolyn
One Wants A Teller In A Time Like This Brooks, Gwendolyn
An Epistle Containing the Strange Medical Experience of Kar Browning, Robert
68. The Holy Fair Burns, Robert
80. The Jolly Beggars: A Cantata Burns, Robert
166. Epitaph for William Nicol High School Edinburgh Burns, Robert
196. Epitaph for Mr. W. Cruickshank Burns, Robert
78. Epitaph for James Smith Burns, Robert
90. Epistle to James Smith Burns, Robert
The Hills in Purple syllables Dickinson, Emily
It dont sound so terrible -- quite -- as it did Dickinson, Emily
On such a night or such a night Dickinson, Emily
I often passed the village Dickinson, Emily
Tis One by One -- the Father counts -- Dickinson, Emily
The nearest Dream recedes -- unrealized Dickinson, Emily
Your Riches -- taught me -- Poverty. Dickinson, Emily
Let Us play Yesterday -- Dickinson, Emily
Knows how to forget! Dickinson, Emily
It was given to me by the Gods Dickinson, Emily
Taken from men -- this morning Dickinson, Emily
Enoch Arden Tennyson, Alfred Lord
Elizabeth Poe, Edgar Allan
DON JUAN Byron, George (Lord)
Dam?tas Byron, George (Lord)
On A Distant View Of Harrow Byron, George (Lord)
Mazeppa Byron, George (Lord)
The Vision of Judgment Byron, George (Lord)
Standardization Hope, Alec Derwent (A D)
The School of Night Hope, Alec Derwent (A D)
There Is A Candle In Your Heart Rumi, Jalal ad-Din Muhammad
My Garden Brown, Thomas Edward
Vita? Lampada Newbolt, Sir Henry
He fell among Thieves Newbolt, Sir Henry
Clifton Chapel Newbolt, Sir Henry
The Sick Stockrider Gordon, Adam Lindsay
A poem on divine revelation Brackenridge, Hugh Henry
The White Cliffs Miller, Alice Duer
MAIDEN WISHES. von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang
TO ORIGINALS. von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang
THE COUNTRY SCHOOLMASTER. von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang
THE WALKING BELL von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang
LOVE AS A LANDSCAPE PAINTER. von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang
The Keys of Morning de la Mare, Walter
A Farewell to Secretary Shu-yun at the Hsieh Tiao Villa in Hsuan-Chou Bai, Li
Frost at Midnight Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Mr. Eliot’s Sunday Morning Service Eliot, Thomas Stearns Eliot (T S)
Postcards Atwood, Margaret
Morning Laurence Dunbar, Paul
Reality Jew Levy, D A
The Blue-Flag In The Bog St Vincent Millay, Edna
The Ballad Of The Harp-Weaver St Vincent Millay, Edna
Poetry Moore, Marianne
The Steeple-Jack Moore, Marianne
CANZONE VII. Petrarch, Francesco
SONNET CCXXIII. Petrarch, Francesco
SONNET CVII. Petrarch, Francesco
THE TRIUMPH OF ETERNITY. Petrarch, Francesco
Weirdos Skenderija, Sasha
The Four Seasons Nwakanma, Obi
I am bound to this Land by blood Oguibe, Olu
Who dares to take this life from me Knows no better. Wignesan, T
The Alphabet Goose, Mother
The Mulberry Bush Goose, Mother
The Old Woman Of Surrey Goose, Mother
Three Children On The Ice Goose, Mother
RAIN IN SUMMER Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
THE WITNESSES Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
The Jewish Cemetery at Newport Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Isabella or The Pot of Basil Keats, John
Theme with Variations Carroll, Lewis
Phantasmagoria CANTO IV ( Hys Nouryture ) Carroll, Lewis
Hiawathas photographing ( Part V ) Carroll, Lewis
Photography Extraordinary Carroll, Lewis
Hiawathas Photographing (complete) Carroll, Lewis
Hiawathas Photographing Carroll, Lewis
Tema con Variazioni Carroll, Lewis
Poeta Fit Non Nascitur Carroll, Lewis
Maple Frost, Robert
New Hampshire Frost, Robert
The Death of the Hired Man Frost, Robert
The Ax-Helve Frost, Robert
A Star in a Stoneboat Frost, Robert
What Fifty Said Frost, Robert