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Famous War Poems | Examples of Famous War Poetry

These are examples of famous War poems written by famous poets. PoetrySoup is a great resource of famous War poems about War. These examples illustrate what famous War poems looks like and its form.

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Famous PoemPoet
Death Be Not Proud Donne, John
Sonnet 55 Shakespeare, William
Paul Reveres Ride Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
The Lady of Shalott Tennyson, Alfred Lord
The Women Who Loved Elvis All Their Lives Brown, Fleda
The Prologue Bradstreet, Anne
Kubla Khan ,
On the Pulse of Morning Angelou, Maya
Song of the Lotos-Eaters Tennyson, Alfred Lord
Death Donne, John
Of Modern Poetry Stevens, Wallace
The Warden of the Cinque Ports Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Uriel Emerson, Ralph Waldo
The Cumberland Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
The Arsenal at Springfield Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
This is the house of Bedlam Bishop, Elizabeth
In the waiting Room Bishop, Elizabeth
Lochinvar Scott, Sir Walter
Patriotism 02 Nelson Pitt Fox Scott, Sir Walter
Where Shall the Lover Rest Scott, Sir Walter
Border Ballad Scott, Sir Walter
Eleu Loro Scott, Sir Walter
Gathering Song of Donald the Black Scott, Sir Walter
Pibroch of Donail Dhu Scott, Sir Walter
Bonny Dundee Scott, Sir Walter
Sonnet XV Shakespeare, William
Tis Seasons since the Dimpled War Dickinson, Emily
Theres the Battle of Burgoyne -- Dickinson, Emily
Twas fighting for his Life he was -- Dickinson, Emily
The Song of Hiawatha: X Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Blessing The Cornfields Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
The Landlords Tale; Paul Reveres Ride Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Burial of the Minnisink Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Hiawathas Childhood Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Hiawatha And The Pearl-Feather Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
The Revenge of Rain-in-the-Face Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
The Death Of Kwasind Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
WALTER VON DER VOGELWEID Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
The Challenge of Thor Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
The Four Winds Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Hiawatha And Mudjekeewis Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Hiawathas Wooing Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
The Peace-Pipe Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Picture-Writing Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Hiawathas Fishing Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Hiawathas Lamentation Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
The Poets Calendar Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Pau-Puk-Keewis Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
The Hunting Of Pau-Puk Keewis Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Lord Lundy Belloc, Hilaire
Saadi Emerson, Ralph Waldo
Our Two Opinions Field, Eugene
Mothers Day Proclamation Howe, Julia Ward
As far as your Rifles Cover Lawson, Henry
The Star of Australasia Lawson, Henry
Queen Hilda of Virland Lawson, Henry
The League of Nations Lawson, Henry
The Vagabond Lawson, Henry
The Loveable Characters Lawson, Henry
On the March Lawson, Henry
In the Storm that is to come Lawson, Henry
The City Bushman Lawson, Henry
To Be Amused Lawson, Henry
Every Man Should have a Rifle Lawson, Henry
The Heart of Australia Lawson, Henry
The Teams Lawson, Henry
For Australia Lawson, Henry
Here Died Lawson, Henry
Faces In The Street Lawson, Henry
Hymn to Demeter by Homer Homer,
Atalantas Race Morris, William
In Arthurs House Morris, William
King Arthurs Tomb Morris, William
Sir Giles War-Song Morris, William
The Earthly Paradise: The Lady of the Land Morris, William
The Eve of Crecy Morris, William
The Story of Sigurd the Volsung (excerpt) Morris, William
Liberty Riley, James Whitcomb
Smoke Sandburg, Carl
Buttons Sandburg, Carl
Iron Sandburg, Carl
Our Prayer of Thanks Sandburg, Carl
Choices Sandburg, Carl
Fight Sandburg, Carl
Nights Nothings Again Sandburg, Carl
Under A Telephone Pole Sandburg, Carl
Boes Sandburg, Carl
A Million Young Workmen 1915 Sandburg, Carl
Crimson Changes People Sandburg, Carl
House Sandburg, Carl
John Ericsson Day Memorial 1918 Sandburg, Carl
Leather Leggings Sandburg, Carl
Masses Sandburg, Carl
Legends Sandburg, Carl
Letters To Dead Imagists Sandburg, Carl
Memoir of a Proud Boy Sandburg, Carl
Momus Sandburg, Carl
Old Osawatomie Sandburg, Carl