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5/6/2010 5:05:09 PM
Community Points How do I gain points and how many points for what actions?
5/6/2010 5:10:49 PM
Pet Peeve I have horrible trouble with "s" 's & s'. Also, one of my pet peeves is the over use of "that" it is a meaningless word and in most cases the line is better off without it. Also, which is sometimes more appropriate but I don't remember when LOL. As Connie has said use as few "I's" as possible because 1) who else would it be? & 2) You want the reader to put themselves/..fes?? LOL in the poem.
5/9/2010 11:45:23 AM
Do You Think Of Me Rosita wrote:
Do you think of me
When snow falls soft upon you
Warming you within?

Do you think of me
When rain falls hard upon you
Washing away pain?

Do you think of me
When gentle breezes caress
Like I think of you?
edited by Rosita on 5/8/2010
5/9/2010 11:48:24 AM
Do You Think Of Me Rosita, I would suggest you think about why you are capitalizing? If there is not a specific emphasis...I think capitalization is best left for the beginning of a sentence or thought and periods at the end of sentences, as well as, question marks. It's a good topic for a verse!
5/9/2010 11:55:03 AM
Dreaming Is the verse posted on the site? Is this the accurate layout? You could use a few commas and to remove a few commas. Sorry I'm not sure how to show you here? Also, take a pass at the verse without using the word "I"
5/9/2010 11:56:48 AM
Community Points Tell us how many points you are giving for what & why?
6/3/2014 7:27:17 PM
writers block Chronophobic wrote:
New to poetry on this site... AGAIN.
Writers block are a pain in the rear. I went almost half a year without being able to write anything...! Thank god I finally managed to get something to paper. What do you guys usually do to help with writers block (if you have it?)

Thanks <3
6/3/2014 7:27:46 PM
writers block go some where new or do something you haven'
t done before
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