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11/30/2012 8:19:33 PM
September Eleventh O it was in New york city a city on the bay,_On September eleventh a clear and sunny day.__O i will always remember it so well,_It was September eleventh when the twin towers fell.__O please listen to my words and you i will tell,_Of lands in the east were crazy people dwell.__They have hate in there hearts for the freedom of the west,_So they teach there children to strap explosives to there chest.__O with the devil there beside them showing them the way,_Cosing good people to die on that painful September day.__O so please remember all the brave firemen that parished in that hell,_Inside of those buildings when the twin towers fell.__Now although it is not my country i still remember well,_The day that psychopathic people turned the twin towers into a fiery hell.__O let us raise a glass to the families oh raise a glass to the friends of all the policemen who lost there lives on that day,_But brave men they were that gave their lives in that way.__O yes my sympathy goes out to all the loved ones of the brave rescuers that tried so well,_It was September eleventh when the twin towers fell.__O please remember all the souls that went into that fiery hell,_And always remember them that gave there lives on September eleventh when the twin towers fell.
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